Five Snow-Ready Kid Tips

For parents, getting kids ready to go play in the snow is no fun at all. Here are a few ideas that will make it slightly less painful than frostbite.
1. The coat flip. This was a trick taught to us by First Born’s preschool teacher. It was her trick for getting kids to put their own coats on. We’ve since used it for all our kids. First, have your child lay his coat out on the floor, face up. Second, have him stand near the top of the coat. Third, have him bend over and put his arms in the sleeve holes. Finally have your child flip the coat over his head, and viola, he now knows how to put on his own coat. Think of it like teaching your toddler his first party trick.

Zippered mittens. Genius.
2. Mittens with zippers. If your kids are anything like mine, trying to get their ten little sausage fingers into the finger holes of gloves is damn near impossible. First, eliminate the finger problem all together by switching to mittens. Now, all you have to do is get the thumbs in the right place.
Second, buy mittens that zip all the way up the side. It makes getting your kid’s thumbs in so much easier. Also, once zipped they are more snug than traditional gloves/mittens, making them less likely to slip off and fall immediately into the snow.

3. Thumb hole sleeves. We call them monkey thumbs, but I’m not sure anyone else calls them that. Buy your kids long sleeved shirts with holes for their thumbs in the sleeves. These keep sleeves from getting pushed up a kid’s arm, which makes kids uncomfortable/whiny, and also results in making a parent uncomfortable/whiny.

The greatest invention of all-time!
4. The boot tray. This is our first year for a boot tray, and I don’t want to exaggerate too much, but it is, by far, the best thing we’ve ever owned. For too many years, I would walk by where my kids had taken off their boots, only to step in dirty melted snow, soaking my sock feet and effectively ruining my day.
The boot tray is made of thick rubber, which I assume with last forever, or at least until global warming eliminates snow from planet Earth.


This should be enough to get us through a couple of weeks.
5. Finally, buy hot chocolate in bulk. I’m talking about the 60 pack.
Think about it, your kids are finally dressed, ready for the outside weather. They’ve gone pee (hopefully) and are wearing two or three layers of clothing, snow hats, boots, mittens and finally sent out the door. You’ve got a solid 7-10 minutes of peace and quiet before one of them returns crying because a sibling drilled them between the eyes with a snowball. Use your time wisely, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate. Then, maybe have another one when you make some for the kids. You’ve earned it.
Kudos to all of you for braving yet another Indiana winter.

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