Family Fun! with the Carmel Symphony Orchestra

The Family Fun! event with the Carmel Symphony Orchestra was a unique and exciting experience. Usually the words “symphony” and “kids” don’t go together, but this family-friendly event was geared to families with kids of all ages.

How did they do it? How did they take an event that’s usually reserved for well-behaved adults and adapt it so EVERYONE could attend?

First, the audience members didn’t have to be completely silent. Like with most “kidcentric” outings, the symphony was filled with talking/crying and just noisy in general, small children. This made it less stressful than when you’re at an event hoping your kids don’t make a peep. It also allowed them the opportunity to ask questions and talk about the music during the concert too.

The performance was a good mix of classical symphony and current music. Not being too knowledgeable about classical music I liked that I still recognized most of what they were playing. Obviously, the kids liked the songs from Frozen and Pirates of the Caribbean the most.

The Family Fun! show allowed kids (and adults) to go on stage during performances. Usually the symphony is such a formal place, with the feel of a musical museum, where the stage feels like it should. have a “no touching “ sign on it. During this performance it was so cool to be able to sit on stage DURING a performance.

After spending an hour watching professional musicians play their the instruments, what could be more fun than trying them out for yourself. That’s exactly what the audiencee got to do after the show.

Be on the look out next year for this truly unique experience from the Carmel Symphony Orchestra.

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