Fall Is Here….Time to Plan Spring Break!

There is a joke in our family that I always have another vacation planned before we leave for the previous one….and, well, there’s some truth to that! While we don’t schedule far in advance for every trip, I want to share why it’s extremely important to consider doing so for peak travel during school breaks, like Spring Break. Here are just a few of the benefits:

Save Money

First and foremost, cost is the biggest reason you need to plan ahead for Spring Break. Airfare will be less expensive, and you allow yourself time to search for bargains, or to have a travel consultant do so for you. Many airlines will refund the difference if your fare goes down before you travel, and many travel consultants offer free price monitoring as part of their service. This means that you can book the dates and location you want before they sell out, and the travel professional can then go back in if an offer comes out that applies to your reservation.

Plan your Budget

When you begin planning for Spring Break in the fall, you have 5-6 months to budget for your getaway. This allows you to make a deposit, then space out your payments toward the final balance, and save up for extras such as meals out, souvenirs and excursions.

Maximize Availability

Availability is another reason to plan for Spring Break ahead of time. When they say that time is limited and packages will sell out—they aren’t joking around! Booking in advance gives you the cream of the crop and ensures your location, room type and ideal flight times are available. It will also help guarantee that YOU are available to go, as it gives you time to schedule vacation days ahead of time.

Reduce Stress!

When you give yourself plenty of time to plan, not only does it build excitement, it also allows you extra time to research your destination. You’ll be able to find the best travel routes to avoid traffic, research fun places to visit once you arrive and be less stressed about the cost of the trip because you’ve had time to save money and budget. Arranging travel is not as easy as it looks, and when large groups of people are involved, it can quickly become a nightmare! Planning early also gives you time to consult a travel professional, who can help take the pressure of planning a trip off of your shoulders – often at no cost to you.

Hopefully these tips have convinced you to start planning your Spring Break getaway right away! Now, the bigger issue…. Where do you want to go???

Heather Lipe is an independent travel consultant. She and her husband live in Fishers, Indiana and enjoy traveling as much as they can with their two children. Have a travel question? Heather can be reached at [email protected] or 317.281.2195





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