Tell Your Story: Documenting COVID-19 in Indiana

The Indiana Historical Society is the home of Hoosier history, documenting our state’s past since 1830 with their extensive collection of letters, diaries, scrapbooks, photographs, slides, albums, graphics, and ephemera in their archives. Now, they want to hear your story to help with documenting COVID-19.

COVID-19 presents a unique historical moment that we are experiencing first-hand, and the Indiana Historical Society wants to hear how you and your family are settling into the current “new normal”.

Examples of what they are looking for:

  • Writings
  • Photos
  • Drawings/paintings
  • Short video clips (limited to 100MB file size, for larger files please email [email protected])

How to help with documenting COVID-19:

The Indiana Historical Society has set up a special online resource that will allow you to share your stories, photos and other items so future generations can understand what this experience was like for Hoosiers. You can upload your resources here. Please note it is important to take the time to read and respond to each of the fields in this form before uploading your item(s) for consideration.

Why is documenting COVID-19 in Indiana important:

According to the Indiana Historical Society, “Items in our collection let us hear the voices and see the people from our past who are living all the ranges of human experience and emotion. Through the items we collect, we can understand their joys and disappointments, as well as their achievements and failings. And yes, we can even understand the seemingly dull tasks of everyday life – what the weather was like, the neighborhood gossip, or what someone ate for dinner.”

One day, we will all look back on this as a memory. Thanks to the Indiana Historical Society, future generations will be able to look back on this time as well.



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