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One of the most rewarding aspects of writing this blog has been how much my oldest daughter Evelyn has enjoyed doing the projects with me. She is constantly providing me with ideas for the blog (often times not very good ones…but she’s only 6), and she loves it when I post a photo of her with the blog article! I thought the best part of this blog would be finding an outlet for my creativity, but the way Evelyn has enjoyed it truly is an added bonus. Since she loves the blog projects so much, I let her decide what we would do next. I let her look through one of my Pinterest boards at potential ideas and she quickly picked the DIY Kool-Aid lip gloss pin. For those of you with toddler and older girls, you know how important lip gloss is to them and also that lip gloss means pretty much anything they can put on their lips (Chapstick, actual lip gloss, and sometimes any make-up like item they find!). I knew both of my girls would love this project.

I actually pinned this DIY Kool-Aid lip gloss a long time ago. It was one of the first few things I pinned when my eyes were opened to the wonderful world of Pinterest. I’m glad I waited to try this pin though. Reading over the blog post again, I noticed that there was an update to the original post. Several people attempted the project and had problems so the blogger posted tips from her readers to ensure success.

For this project, we used Kool-Aid (the girls picked Sharkelberry Fin which I loved back in the 80s), Vaseline, and lip gloss containers. I bought my lip gloss containers off of Amazon. They were actually described as eyeshadow containers but they worked perfectly and were only $5.99 for 50 of them. I washed them before we started our lip gloss project.

Although the girls wanted to help make the lip gloss, this was a project that they mainly had to watch instead of actually being helpers. The lip gloss is actually easy to make but you have to melt the Vaseline and it becomes very hot. It also has to be poured into small containers, so the steady hand of an adult would be best. The girls did not mind just watching because at the end glorious lip gloss would be waiting for them!

To make the lip gloss you need 1 cup of Vaseline. You can either melt the Vaseline on the stove or in the microwave. I decided to use the microwave and used a Pyrex measuring cup with a pouring spout. Microwave the Vaseline 30 seconds at a time until it is liquifies. For me that ended up being right around four minutes but it will depend on your microwave. Once it is liquified, add the Kool-Aid and pour into your containers. Wait for it to become solid again and you have homemade Kool-Aid lipgloss! It’s that simple.

Our lip gloss turned out great and was very easy to make. It smelled great too. Not sure why, but our lipgloss stayed the color of the Vaseline instead of turning pink like I thought it would. The girls didn’t care at all. All that mattered to them was having their own lipgloss they “helped” make. I have to admit that I love the lipgloss too. It has a nice shine to it and does smell good too. Don’t tell my girls, but I wear it more than they do! So ladies, even if you don’t have kids or you have boys or your girls are not interested in lipgloss, try this pin. You will make lots of friends giving away this fun lipgloss!

Carrie’s Tips:

These tips are two suggestions from readers of the blog post I pinned. They both made the lipgloss and had to make it multiple times to get it right. I decided to use a combination of both suggestions and my lipgloss turned out great on the first try. I hope you have the same success!

  • Make sure you are stirring the Vaseline well after each 30 seconds in the microwave.
  • Once your Vaseline is melted, let it cool down a bit before adding the Kool-Aid. I waited five minutes. Don’t let it cool too much that it starts to solidify before you can add the Kool-Aid though.

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