DIY Bath Bombs at Bath Junkie in Carmel – A Unique Hands-On Activity

Are you looking for a fun and unique activity to enjoy with the kids? Well, look no further than Bath Junkie! Situated in the Carmel City Center, this custom-blend, handmade bath and body boutique offers a delightful experience for crafting enthusiasts of all ages.

Bath Junkie boasts an incredible array of bath and body products, ranging from bath bombs and bubble bath to body scrubs and more. What sets them apart is the option to customize each product specifically to your preferences. This local shop gives kids the chance to unleash their creativity.

Bath Junkie

Customize Your Bubbly Experience

The charm of Bath Junkie is in its unique “make your own” feature. Customers have the freedom to walk in and create their custom products, with no appointment needed! Among the variety, crafting bath bombs is a popular—and fun—choice.

Excited to get hands-on, we embarked on our DIY bath bomb adventure.

custom soup at bath junkie

DIY Bath Bombs

The process begins with selecting your scent. With bath bombs having two sides, you can choose a different scent for each half—twice the indulgence! If you’re a veteran at mixing fragrances, feel free to use more than two. During our visit, we decided to follow the motto: simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, sticking to one scent for each side.

scents to choose at bath junkie
Choosing your scents to make your own bath bomb

Choosing from over 200 available fragrances might be the most challenging part of your visit to Bath Junkie! Thankfully, they offer test strips to assist in identifying that perfect scent. The varied collection includes traditional favorites such as lavender and rose, as well as fun options like marshmallow and pixie dust, sure to appeal to the younger crowd.

bath junkie diy soap

Armed with our chosen scents, we headed over to the bath mixing station. This is where the fun truly starts—you get to sprinkle your chosen scents onto your bath bomb, adding colors and even sparkles if you so wish.

Upon completing the decorating process, each bath bomb is placed into a customized bag featuring the selected scent and the creator’s name. Bath Junkie prints these custom bags in-house, adding an extra touch to the whole DIY experience.

DIY bath bombs start at $10 a piece, but that includes two sides to customize and two personalized gift bags. The whole experience seemed worth the price for such a unique activity. 

Bath Junkie: Location and Hours

For over a decade, Bath Junkie has been located in Carmel City Center, at the southwest corner of Rangeline Road and City Center Drive (126th Street). Free parking is available on Hanover Place in front of the store, on the plaza level, in the Veteran’s Way garage, or in the underground garage.

With no appointment necessary, Bath Junkie Carmel operates on the following schedule:

  • Monday through Saturday: 10 AM to 6 PM
  • Sunday: Noon to 4 PM

bath junkie

Bath Junkie also offers unique birthday parties. In their shop, they can accommodate group sizes ranging from 6 to 8 guests during regular business hours. Off-site parties are also available with no guest maximum. Find more birthday party information here. 

Delight in a cozy bonding experience that will capture your child’s imagination (and perhaps your inner child too!). DIY bath bombs at Bath Junkie offer a fun time for all participants, from the smallest creators to adults who appreciate a good bath-time pamper. There’s truly no better way to combine both entertainment and relaxation!

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