Disney on Ice presents Follow Your Heart

“It’s like they brought Disney World to us.”

These were the clever words of our 18-year old neighbor as we were walking out of Disney on Ice presents Follow Your Heart. I could not think of a better way to sum up the joy-filled show we just experienced.

If you have ever been to Disney World, Disney Land, on a Disney Cruise, seen a Disney film or even stepped foot into a Disney Store then you know the word Disney means something magical is about to happen. They are the masters of entertainment who do not disappoint. This show was no exception.


It was exactly what the title promises. Disney. On. Ice. There were lights, explosions, fantastic costumes, aerial performances and incredibly talented ice skaters gliding, spinning and jumping gracefully across the ice. Nothing was held back from start to finish – nothing. In true Disney fashion – it was non-stop entertainment.



The kids were elated to be seeing so many of their Disney favorites come to life. Mickey and the gang, princesses galore, princes, villains, Dory, Nemo and all of their underwater friends, Woody and pals and our favorite emotions – Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear along with their pal Riley were ALL there. It was an all-star cast of Disney characters weaving their tales on ice.


While every bit of the show was spectacular, there was something about seeing Frozen on ice that just seemed fitting. It is a performance on ice after all.  Not much of a stretch for the imagination.

The kids kind of lost their minds when Elsa and Anna appeared – and it wasn’t just my kids. It seemed like a collective, “Elsa! Anna!” swept through the crowd. Even the way Olaf was brought to life was nothing short of magical.


All throughout the production – the songs we know, love and can’t help but to sing-along with were performed. The kids danced in their seats to the familiar tunes – but something happened when the Frozen songs were played. People all around the stadium started singing.

Grown-ups behind me were belting out the tunes. Seriously. Belting. It was like all of the pent-up “I want to sing-along with these songs, but I can’t – not here – not in public” energy was let loose at once. People couldn’t help but to sing the catchy, lovable tunes – it turned into a Frozen sing-along.

If you have Disney fans in the house, I highly recommend heading to Bankers Life Fieldhouse this weekend to catch this unforgettable performance. While you are there, Joy will definitely take over your emotion control panel and if you are asked how much you loved it, you may have to reply with “How much? To infinity and beyond. That’s how much.”


Disney on Ice presents Follow Your Heart is performing now through Sunday, January 22 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse with the following showtimes available: Friday, January 20 at 7:00 pm; Saturday, January 21st at 11:30 am, 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm; Sunday, January 22nd at 11:30 am, 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Ticket pricing starts at just $13! Call (800) 745-3000 to purchase tickets by phone or order them online. For group sales info, call (317) 888-0963.

Planning to go to the show? We would love to see your pictures!  #indyschild so we can see all of the fun you are having at Disney on Ice presents Follow Your Heart

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