Conner Prairie by Candlelight

Looking for a quick trip this holiday season? How about a journey back in time to 1836 Prairietown? This weekend, and next, you can take a walking tour through the historic Indiana frontier at Conner Prairie and visit Christmas Eve 1836.

This year when you visit Prairietown, the tour is self-guided, so you can go at your own pace. There are many stories to hear and lessons to learn as you visit each stop. You might visit the Ullmans, the Campbells (there’s singing and dancing here), the Curtis family, or even hang with the rowdies around the fire.

The program runs from 5:30-9:30 pm and is at your own pace. This allows you to drift to each location at your leisure and in whatever order you prefer. Before you head out onto the candlelit path, you are given a few verbal directions and a map. Be aware that flash photography is not permitted and strollers/wagons can’t go into the homes.

Tickets for adults are $16 ($14 for members). For youth, admission is $13 ($11 members). Be sure to dress for the weather and remember – the roads in Prairietown are not paved.

The singing, dancing, fire and festivities make for a fun evening of exploration. Learn about holiday traditions (the Golden Eagle Inn tells a story about Belznichol) from a variety of characters, and perspectives, in Prairietown.

If you are interested in more details, visit the Conner Prairie site for events and tickets information.

Disclosure: I received free admission for the purpose of this post. My thoughts and words are my own. And for the record, the rowdies were the most fun. 


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