The International Chimpanzee Complex at the Indianapolis Zoo is Set to Open May 2024

On May 25, 2024, the Indianapolis Zoo will unveil its state-of-the-art Penny & Jock Fortune International Chimpanzee Complex. Designed to house up to 30 chimpanzees, this innovative exhibit prioritizes the apes’ natural behaviors and freedom of choice.


International Chimpanzee Complex Features:

Chimpanzee Trail: A Chimp’s-Eye View

The Chimpanzee Trail is an elevated walkway that winds throughout the complex, allowing the chimpanzees to decide where to go and who to spend time with. Visitors can get unique, up-close views of the chimpanzees’ social interactions from various vantage points, including sections where the trail passes overhead.INTERNATIONAL CHIMPANZEE COMPLEX

Community Hub

Another innovation is the Community Hub, which offers elevated spaces for the chimpanzees with views overlooking downtown Indianapolis and White River State Park. Here, visitors will enjoy their first encounters with the chimpanzees in a setting considerate of their instincts, hierarchies, and natural behaviors.


Cognition Center: Monkey See, Monkey Do?

The Harlan/Shriver Families Cognition Center invites you to step into the mind of a chimpanzee. Watch as these fascinating animals engage in cognitive tasks using computerized touch panels, then test your problem-solving skills on the same challenges!

International Chimpanzee Complex at the Indianapolis Zoo

Culture Center: A Window into Chimpanzee Life

The Deborah J. Simon Culture Center provides an in-depth look at the rich and diverse cultures of wild chimpanzees. Discover their complex social structures, unique tool-use, and learn how you can contribute to their conservation.

A New Era for Chimpanzees at the Indianapolis Zoo

The Indianapolis Zoo’s new chimpanzee exhibit represents a groundbreaking approach to primate care and education. This immersive experience provides a window into the world of chimpanzees, fostering a deeper understanding of these incredible animals. Mark your calendar for May 25, 2024, and be one of the first to experience this revolutionary exhibit!

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