Star Wars-themed fun arrives at Children’s Museum

Star Wars at Children's Museum - Indy's ChildThe Children’s Museum Of Indianapolis made a thrilling announcement yesterday: Planning is underway for a new exhibit space called The Galleries Of American Arts and Pop Culture with an opening slated for the year 2018.
The exhibit space {which is currently undergoing a large campaign for funding} will contain both permanent and rotating temporary exhibits all centered around American film, TV, pop culture, toys, games, music and books. Each piece featured in these exhibits are considered ‘fundamental’ to American society. {Think of famous fashion, toys and memorabilia from various decades.}
Why does this matter to you, Museum fans?
Because part of that collection includes 1,800 Star Wars artifacts. And in celebration of next week’s opening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the Museum is pulling some of their Jedi-lovin’ fun forward to celebrate.
Star Wars at Children's Museum - Indy's ChildBeginning ASAP, a fabulous Darth Vadar-themed lifesize Hot Wheels car is parked in the front lobby of the Museum. Car enthusiasts will want to know it’s a modified Chevy Corvetter C5 with a 526-horsepower engine that tops out at 150MPH. Star Wars enthusiasts will just want to know that it’s there and spectacular to see.
Also worth a peek {and believe us, you won’t miss it}: An enormous TIE-fighter balloon installation suspended from the ceiling of the Museum’s grand front entrance.
Yesterday Museum officials confirmed this TIE fighter is constructed of over 3,500 balloons. That’s a lot of air!
But to really celebrate the Star Wars fun, the Museum will host special out-of-this-galaxy fun in the lobby on Saturday, 12/12 from 10-11am, while greeting museum-goers. We hear you should expect appearances from Storm Troopers, a Jedi Knight, a TIE pilot, Ahsoka Tano and what they’re calling a ‘mini’ Vader. The Darth Vadar Car will be the highlight.

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So if your travels this season include a stop at the Museum, make sure to check out the grand front lobby for a little kick of Star Wars.
Then mark your calendar for 2018 and the opening of the The Galleries Of American Arts and Pop Culture. We know we can’t wait.
Star Wars at Children's Museum - Indy's Child
{Left} Children’s Museum CEO Dr. Jeffrey Patchen announces the planning of the 2018 The Galleries Of American Arts and Pop Culture, {right} IC writer The Momista scores a #StormTrooperSelfie.



MORE INFO: The Children’s Museum Of Indianapolis is located at 3000 N. Meridian Street in Indianapolis. Visitors will enjoy their annual Jolly Days or one of the current exhibits like the National Geographic Sacred Journeys or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Call {317} 334-4000 or visit for more details.

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