How to Celebrate High School Seniors During Coronavirus in Indianapolis

The coronavirus crisis and self-isolation have dampened what was supposed to be a milestone year for the Class of 2020.

From proms to senior skip days to college-decision celebrations to graduation ceremonies, all the privileges that go with being a high school senior won’t happen this year as a result of social distancing. And while that may not seem like a big deal to some, it can feel devastating for those seniors who were looking forward to all the festivities.

Many local Indianapolis businesses and families are getting creative and find ways to celebrate their 2020 seniors in whatever ways they can. Here are some creative ways to give seniors a little pick-me-up!

Shop from local businesses
  • Professional Signs and Decor
    Fantasy Face Painting Plus offers fun yard decorations – like columns, arcs, and more – made with balloons. Local artists like Stormstriker are doing custom

    Storm Striker
  • Commemorative Jewelry
    What a great time to commemorate this special milestone with a valuable keepsake that they will treasure forever (and maybe pass on to their future graduate one day!).
    Indy Facets in Carmel offers options at every price point. They also offer heirloom restoration. Reis-Nichols has options like the Ippolita Carnevale Ring in Mother-of-Pearl and 1/3 Carat Diamond Stud Earrings
  • College Gear
    Is your graduate heading off the college in the fall? Order high quality, stylish clothes from a popular local t-shirt store, like The Shop Indy or United State of Indiana.
  • School Gear
    People for Urban Progress (PUP) makes incredible messenger bags, wallets, totes and more, all made from upcycled local materials like Amtrak seats, billboards and even the roof from the RCA Dome.
PUP B07 Agent Backpack, made from repurposed Amtrak business class, first class leather seats, and reclaimed seatbelts
  • Photos
    Hire a local photographer to do a fun social distance photo shoot!
  • Order In
    Your graduate’s favorite local restaurant is probably still open for curbside pickup and/or delivery. Treat the whole family to a great meal without having to cook it yourself. Here’s a list of places still open if you need some ideas.
  • Plan a Future Party
    At some point we’ll all be able to see each other again! And that day will be really,
    really special. Local rental companies like A Classic Party Rentals offer all your rental needs and stock all the local school’s colors! Sit down with your grad and plan a party that will one day be.
  • Sweet Treats
    Does your grad have a sweet tooth? Order from a local bakery. We love Rosie’s, Gallery Pastry Shop, The Cake Bake Shop, and The Flying Cupcake, among others!

    Raspberry Champagne Cake from Cake Bake Shop


  • Door Decor
    Wake up early to decorate your front door or their bedroom door (quietly!) with things that they’ll love.
  • College Survival Kit
    Think about what they might need to transition to college life and fill a shoe box full of goodies. Think: coffee for early morning classes, tea for late night studying, a few packets of instant ramen noodles,a new planner, a good book for unwinding time, and whatever else you think your grad would put to use.
  • Write a Heartfelt Letter
    Take time to get all your memories down on paper. Something your grad will probably keep forever.
  • Scrapbook
    Sift through old photos and put together a thoughtful photo album or scrapbook.
  • Surprise Drive-by Parade
    Get your grad’s friends and family in on it! Have them make signs, play music your grad loves, and enjoy a social distance celebration.

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