Celebrate a Trip Around the Sun with Your Little One

Imagine the look on the faces of your child and nine of her closest friends as they pass a giant dinosaur that is peeking into the world’s largest children’s museum. Little ones will feel like they are on their own private movie set — complete with Bumblebee™ (Transformer™ from the original movie) and some of their favorite characters turned into exhibits like Barbie® and Dora and Diego.

The adventure begins as each guest picks up their museum tickets and is escorted to their private party room fit for royalty, complete with a special chair for the guest of honor. “My favorite thing to see is when the child sees their birthday party room for the first time, and the excitement over the throne that is all theirs,” says Skylee Campbell, store manager at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. “It’s really special to see how excited they get over all the little details.”

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The décor sets the scene with choices of grand princess chandeliers, unicorn centerpieces or blow-up astronauts. Another themed option includes cups with dinosaur handles and pictures of a T. rex trying to take a bite out of the plate. Or, help your child discover their super powers with superhero bling. Who would have thought there would be a place to celebrate and capture your child’s dreams in such a fun and imaginative way?

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Indianapolis Children's Museum, Birthday Party

Choose one of the three birthday party packages designed to make your celebration as easy and go as smoothly as possible. The build your own, all-inclusive, and signature birthday party packages each have unique offerings for your 90-minute celebration. Then, spend the rest of the day exploring the museum together.

Continue the themed celebration at home. If your child is into dinosaurs, you can purchase Dino Bingo or monopoly in the Museum Store or create your own matching fossil game. Cook a menu of veggies for herbivores or meaty treats for carnivores, and talk about which meal their favorite dinos prefer. Then, remember all of the fun you had on the carousel by using animal decor at home. Spin the wheel to land on an animal and talk about its traits. Barbie fans might enjoy flashcards of the iconic doll in one of her dozens of careers, and talk about the skill set needed for that career. Is it creativity, nurturing, adventurousness or the ability to solve problems? What about that career is appealing for your little one? To celebrate their trip around the sun, launch a space party with a moon rock hunt, spaceship pinata or a candy meteor shower, glow sticks and frisbees serve as fun flying saucers.

For more information on the exclusive party room and unlimited play at the museum, visit childrensmuseum.org/visit/birthdays

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