Building Worlds Together Through a Game

The best-selling videogame of all time will come to life at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis with an immersive and interactive gaming experience called Minecraft: The Exhibition.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a video game that combines exploration, construction, architecture and survival skills. It offers a variety of modes to meet the skill level and age of the gamer. Minecraft for kids has four different modes: creative, survival, hardcore and adventure, allowing kids to choose the mode and the level of difficulty. In fact, that’s one thing that makes the game so popular is that kids can use their imaginations to create their own worlds and make their own rules along the way.

What can you expect to experience in Minecraft: The Exhibition?

Visitors will feel like they have been transported into the three-dimensional world of Minecraft while surrounded by 15 life-sized characters, including the explosive Creeper, the mysterious Enderman, Llama, Alex, Panda, Tamed Wolf, Creeper and Cow for fun photo opportunities. Families will learn how to dig, mine, build, craft and enchant things within the game. At the craft table, families can use tiles that represent building materials in the game like wood, iron and obsidian. Those who have not yet played can learn the fundamental skills and moves at game stations inside the gallery, then start building their own worlds. There will also be time-lapse videos of some of the most amazing builds for the kids to use as inspiration in creating their own world.

Minecraft as an educational tool

You might be surprised to learn that many schools are using Minecraft as an educational tool in some of their classes. The Minecraft: Education Edition website ( offers lesson plans and downloadable worlds to help teachers create lesson plans and parents to share at home.

Here are five ways Minecraft can support a child’s academic growth

  1. To be successful in the game, children are prompted to develop problem-solving skills.

2. In the process of building a world, children use creative skills such as design and architecture.

3. Playing the game encourages children to discover new design concepts, and has been known to inspire some to seek out information about careers in design or architecture. Families can talk about math skills involved in creating buildings and communities, such as area and perimeter to create a house or landscaping or a pool because they have to use correct dimensions to create them.

4. Minecraft teaches children how to create innovative solutions to real-world challenges such as determining what material is needed to create a pickaxe. The game walks the player through getting a stick for the handle and reminding them they need wood from a tree to make the stick.

5. The game teaches kids about the benefits of teamwork as they work together to build a new world.

Visitors will have the opportunity to take part in Minecraft STEM-related activities during their visit, as well. To learn more about what is being offered, please visit

For the best experience, you may consider familiarizing yourself with the video game in the comfort of your own home by downloading it on your phone, iPad or computer. Then walk through it with your child and let them tell you what they would like to learn more about. It serves as a unique way to talk to your children about building a better world in the game and in real life.

Minecraft: The Exhibition is organized by the Museum of Pop Culture in partnership with Mojang. The exhibit is presented by F.A. Wilhelm Construction and supported by OneAmerica.

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