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Since 1999, Brooke’s Place has provided support to over 8,000 young people and their families after the death of a loved one. Brooke’s place transforms grief into hope and helps build resiliency and coping skills in children and their families. It is a safe place for children, teens, and their caregivers to interact, hope, and heal.


Because 1 in 7 children will lose a parent, sibling, or close loved one by the time they are 20, Brooke’s Place works to create a community where every young person living with grief feels safe, supported, and understood during their personal grief journey. Our mission is to support children and their families through bereavement programs, advocacy, community education, and outreach.


Brooke’s Place is built on the following principles:

  • Grief is a natural reaction to the death of a loved one for young people as well as adults
  • Within each individual is the natural capacity to heal oneself
  • The duration and intensity of grief are unique for each individual and,
  • Caring and acceptance assist in the healing process

Brooke’s Place provides peer support groups for young people ages 320’s, who have experienced the death of a significant person. Peer groups meet twice a month on Monday or Thursday evenings at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. Support groups are not affiliated with any particular religion. Families are asked to make a monthly contribution. No family is turned away due to financial constraints. Brooke’s Place also provides individual grief counseling for young people ages 320’s, and their adult caregivers, who are experiencing a death or anticipating the death of someone significant.

Our Therapy Services offers children and adolescents the opportunity to work one on one with a licensed mental health therapist. Each member of our clinical team has completed extensive training and holds a doctoral degree or mental health licensure in the state of Indiana or is licensed eligible.


“Grief can be the loneliest place on earth.” Brooke’s Place Participant
“Death changes everything…At Brooke’s Place, I found a place where I did not feel alone. I learned that what I was feeling was ok, that I didn’t have to try to pretend I was fine.” Brooke’s Place Participant
“I always feel safe, protected, and welcome, like I’m coming home. Coming here has healed me.” Brooke’s Place Participant
“I can let out my thoughts that I don’t want to tell my family or friends.” Brooke’s Place Participant
“I get to be with friends who know how I feel.” Brooke’s Place Participant
“No matter how sad or confused or lost I feel, no one here judges me or ties to ‘fix’ my feelings.” Brooke’s Place Participant

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For more information about Brooke’s Place: [email protected]

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