An Unconventional Break

I had the opportunity to partner with Toyota recently to experience the new Toyota Highlander XSE and Highlander Hybrid Limited. Because this winter break was different in many ways, my focus was on finding fun ways to safely (masked and adhering to social distancing guidelines) enjoy family time during the holidays and support some local businesses.

One of the first things on our list was to drive through a few of the local neighborhoods that had holiday light displays up. We bumped some Christmas music inside and slow drove through some neighborhoods and took in the holiday cheer.

We also scheduled a short trip to have takeout dinner with family – in the parking lot of a restaurant. We parked our cars next to each other, turned up the heat, rolled down the windows, and ate our food and conversed. The Highlander was roomy and warm while we ate, laughed, and chatted. We also played a raucous game of Among Us. Who knew that you could have fun, family time in the parking lot of a restaurant?

While on break, we decided to hit up a few of our favorite local restaurants. Every year for Christmas Eve dinner we get take out from Hong Kong (my favorite is the Sesame Chicken).

We also hit up my favorite BBQ place – RACKZ (you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu).

And finally, we decided to try what many have crowned as Indy’s best wings – the Keystone Sports Review (I absolutely enjoyed these). I chose the buffalo, plain, and Parmesan garlic for carry out.

This past break was a unique one. Yes, we did some limited shopping and enjoyed some local food. But there was a lot of fun, simple time that we had together. Whether it was rolling in the Highlander and having our own version of family carpool karaoke or taking in the holiday lights – a car ride is an underrated place for a family adventure.

Long story short, we had a blast with the Highlander XSE and Highlander Hybrid Limited. I was impressed with both the gas and hybrid models. As a parent, I loved the safety features (pre-collision system, lane change warning, pedestrian warning to name a few). I also loved the power (as a camper we love the towing capability). It provided a smooth ride and ample space for our family.

So do you have suggestions of local restaurants (takeout/curbside only please) or attractions that we should visit? Send me a suggestion [email protected].

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