A Car Service For Kids

If you ask parents to list some of the duties they perform for their kids, after a likely first answer of short order cook, a possible second “job”they will mention is chauffeur.

What if you could delegate that job to someone else? Would you do it? A new company called Shuddle is hoping you will. Although right now it’s only in San Francisco, if it gains popularity it will no doubt spread across the country.

Shuddle is a ride-sharing service similar to Uber or Lyft. A parent uses a smartphone to contact a driver (that’s had a background check), the driver picks up the child and takes them to soccer practice or piano lessons or wherever the child needs to go. Parents can track the entire trip on their smartphone giving them peace of mind their child made it to his or her destination safely.

Even though it would be extremely convenient and I’m sure it’s been a lifesaver for some families, I can’t imagine letting any of my kids get in a complete stranger’s car, no matter how many background checks they’ve gone through. As an alternative to Shuddle, maybe parents that have kids in the same clubs and sports could get to know one another and share pick up and drop-off responsibilities?

What do you think? Would you ever use a service like this?


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