5th Annual IPS Showcase of Schools

With more than 70 schools, from Pre-K through Grade 12, offering a variety of proven learning methods and styles, unique and traditional
extracurricular activities, and a direct focus on post-secondary success, there’s a perfect school for every student at IPS.


Find out which one is right for your family at the 5th Annual Showcase of Schools.


This year’s Showcase includes:
• One-on-one time with representatives from more than 70 IPS schools, departments and community partners.
• Opportunities to learn about academic and extracurricular options.
• An introduction to IPS Future Centers and how they help students, parents and alumni.
• On-site Choice Application Lottery assistance.
• Live performances, giveaways, free admission to museum exhibits, and more.


Date: Nov. 10

Time: 10 am-2 pm

Location: Indiana State Museum, 650 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN

For more information: https://schools.myips.org/showcase/

About IPS

As the largest school district in Indiana, IPS cares about the whole child!
It’s one of the many reasons more central Indiana families are choosing IPS.
District students receive:

Academic Rigor through a variety of renowned learning methods, Advanced Placement
(AP) classes, College- and Career-Themed Academies and pathways, career technical
education and certications, as well as dual college credits and high-ability programs.
Extracurricular Activities via sports for students as young as kindergarten to a variety of
clubs and community service options.

Free, Nutritious Meals for breakfast and lunch, and even dinner at some schools. Lunch
shaming doesn’t exist at IPS, where all meals throughout the school day are free — as
well as during holiday breaks and on inclement weather days.

Comprehensive Special Education services, which help to level the planning eld for
students with learning and physical challenges. IPS also offers community- based life skills

Expansive Arts Curriculum taught by professionals in dance, theater, visual arts and music.

World Languages for students who are interested in becoming multilingual, as well as
English as a Second Language programming to help students new to the United States
quickly acclimate to their new homeland.

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