5 Fall family photo tips

It seems like photo session opportunities pop up like mad around this time of year, and with good reason: Fall is a fantastic time to get family photos done, whether for holiday cards, upcoming gifts or your own personal memories. Weighing all the must-dos and don’t-forgets can get tasking, but Lynette Weber – one of the talents in our vest of cover photographers – has some great tips to getting the best out of your family’s photography session.

Here are 5 Fall family photo tips: 


  1. Scheduling is key. The best time for an outdoor session is within two hours after sunrise, and two hours before sunset. The lighting is not as harsh as the sun is still low in the sky. These are what photographers refer to as the golden hours.
  2. Come fed and well rested. When you are hungry, you do not want to focus on what the photographer is doing – all you want to do is get it over with and find some food. If you are not well rested, it show in your photos too. You could have bags under your eyes, your posture can be poor, and all you are thinking about is a nap, or bedtime! {And retouching can only handle so much.} In addition, kids can get cranky when not fed and rested. Don’t schedule your session when your child is normally napping. Throwing off their schedule to get your photos can make for unhappy faces.
  3. Clothing. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes. The photographer is going to have you sit in positions you may not be used to sitting in. The last thing you want is to be in something constricting and uncomfortable! Think also about the environment of the location chosen: Is it a field, in the city, on a dirt road? Coordinating family outfits is a bonus but you don’t be matchy-matchy. Keep the primarily look neutral but don’t be afraid to add bold accent colors. Consider using accessories such as scarves, headbands, and hats for those pops of color.
  4. Let the photographer pose young children. Photographers worth their salt will know how to deal with kids and can handle capturing their attention… so let them. When the child’s attention is finally on the photographer, parents should already be set and ready for the photo.
  5. Interaction. When families interact with each other, those candid moments turn out to be the favorites of every session. There will always be photos of everyone posed and looking right at the camera, but when Dad puts his son on his shoulders and they are both laughing, it is much more natural.  When the whole family is walking hand in hand, when mom and daughter are sharing an embrace….Those are the moments you want to remember.

Fall family photo tips _ Indy's Child

There is so much that goes into making the most of your portrait session. Your photographer will help you with everything! Set up a consultation with your photographer before your session. Plan out the details. Have your photographer help with wardrobe selections, location choices, time of day.

Fall family photo tips _ Indy's ChildLynette Weber is a photographer based in central Indiana and specializes in professional newborn and children portraiture. She is a Hoosier native and is partial to the Indiana University Campus.

While she loves to photograph in Bloomington, she also enjoys traveling around the state for various shoots, and capturing weddings and seniors. Her favorite part of her job is the tears of joy she frequently gets from new parents after seeing their photo gallery for the first time.

Lynette is a mom of two residing in Bloomington, Indiana. See her work here.

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