4 Reasons You’ll Flip Over DeVeau’s School of Gymnastics

Indianapolis parents have an abundance of enrichment options to choose from.

Not all are the same, though! If you’re looking for a gymnastics home for your child, here are some of the many reasons you should consider DeVeau’s School of Gymnastics. 


1. Children Learn Much More Than Gymnastics 

“What sets us apart is our attention to character-building,” says Luke Lautzenheiser, co-owner of DeVeau’s School of Gymnastics. “Life is full of challenges for our students. We try to impart in them life skills, including hard work, perseverance, receiving constructive feedback, building self-confidence and much more. It is truly an honor for our staff to get to be a part of this process for so many children.” 

At the preschool level, DeVeau’s places a big importance on the cognitive development of its students. We focus heavily on gross motor skills, as well as sequencing, which is proven to assist in developing early readers,” Lautzenheiser says. “We also emphasize social skills, as many of our preschool students have yet to go to school.” Preschoolers are also introduced to skills such as waiting for their turn, sharing equipment and other important social skills they will need to know in school and in life.  

2. There are So Many Classes to Choose From 

“We are certainly a facility with something for everyone,” Lautzenheiser says. Of course, DeVeau’s offers gymnastics for children of all ages and skill levels, but they also offer so much more. DeVeau’s NinjaZone offers classes for children ages 3 through 15  —  think American Ninja Warrior-style activities and obstacles that provide an outlet for kids to run around, have fun, and burn off all that energy.  

Many top-notch athletes of all different sports got their start in a DeVeau’s Preschool Gymnastics class, which is open to children from crawling to 4 years. Parent and Me classes introduce young tots to a new environment where they can learn to roll, climb, jump, crawl, and interact with other babies and toddlers. Preschoolers over age 2 ½ have their own dedicated Gymnasium, which features trampolines, bars, balance beams, and even a treehouse with a slide, foam pit, monkey bars, fireman pole and rock-climbing wall.

Deveau's School of Gymnastics

DeVeau’s also offers competitive and recreational cheerleading programs offering a positive environment focused on strength, flexibility, tumbling, stunts, dancing and more. World-renowned championship-achieving instructors help students improve their self-confidence and self-worth  all while stressing fun. 

3. The Coaches are Top-notch  

Speaking of coaches, DeVeau’s employs more than 45 instructors who bring with them years of experience. “We conduct extensive training and background checking to make sure we are upholding the standards of our gym,” Lautzenheiser says. “Our experienced staff don’t just teach athletic skills, they also mentor and teach interpersonal skills that will benefit our students for their whole lives.”  

“We are also blessed with employees who love where they work,” Lautzenheiser continues. “Our average employee tenure is over 10 years. We’ve created a culture that is safe, fun and one that our employees are excited to come to each and every day. Not many places can say that!”

4. You Can Try It for Free

At DeVeau’s, a students’ love of learning and happiness is the school’s main goal. If a family is on the fence about choosing a gymnastics school, or wondering whether their child will even like gymnastics, DeVeau’s offers newcomers the chance to try a class for free.  

“We offer a free trial class, so stop and by and give us a try,” Lautzenheiser says. 

DeVeau’s School of Gymnastics is located at 9032 Technology Drive in Fishers. For more information, visit deveaus.com.

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