3 Ways Gymnastics and Ninja Classes Can Bring Normalcy to 2020

Let’s face it, we’ve had about enough of 2020. Some fall sports are canceled, festivals are postponed, and school looks like something out of a futuristic movie. We’re all ready to get our kids back to some sense of normalcy, while being as safe as we can. Enter gymnastics and ninja classes.

Gymnastics and ninja classes are for children of all ages – walking to teenager – and are wonderful ways for children to strengthen their bodies, minds, and self-confidence, while making connections with peers, as well. You may have considered gymnastics or ninja for your child at some point in the past, but here’s why it’s the perfect option for the present.

1. Genuine Connection with Peers

Gymnastics and ninja classes are differentiated so that children can work on skills that help them achieve their personal best. At Wright’s Gymnastics and NinjaZone facilities, highly trained coaches guide students through a path to progress that levels them up once individual goals are achieved. With this class structure, children are able to be grouped based on age/grade level so they can be with their peers. There’s something extra exciting about coming to class with your friend from school or from down the street and getting to connect in the gym doing something you both love.

2. Large Space; More Opportunity

Large gym floors, high ceilings, and lots of room to run, jump, and flip are key characteristics of gymnastics and ninja classes. All Wright’s facilities have ample room for rotations on mats, beam, bar, trampoline – and warped wall or ninja rig for the NinjaZone classes. The natural social distancing that occurs in the gym anyway combined with the size of the space, makes parents feel confident that their children can participate in an unrestricted, yet safe way.

3. New, Exciting and Fun!

There’s not a lot about this year that has been something positive to look forward to. Just because all the regular events your child participates in are canceled, doesn’t mean that they don’t have anything to get excited about. Gymnastics or ninja classes at Wright’s meet once a week for 50 minutes and on top of that they get an additional 50-minute FUNtime per week to sharpen their skills or burn off some steam (unlimited at the Geist location!) Having these classes and open gym times to put on the calendar give children something to anticipate, something to plan for, and something to talk to their friends about.

Gymnastics and NinjaZone classes teach really important skills that transcend the gym and are truly foundational life skills. Confidence, creativity, perseverance, flexibility, strength, kindness. These are foundational skills that go the distance. One of the biggest takeaways from participating in classes at Wright’s is confidence. Time in the gym is an opportunity for children to work on skills at their individual level and to do it in a safe space – where stumbling or falling just means another opportunity to get back up. These skills are great to have every year, but particularly this year.

Wright’s Gymnastics and NinjaZone has 6 greater Indianapolis locations and is now enrolling classes, camps, parents night out events, and birthday parties for the fall. Several locations are also hosting e-learning support programs to help children navigate virtual learning.

To learn more about the facilities and programs or to get signed up visit wrightsgymnastics.com or call 317-888-4805 for more info.


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