Your Family Will Love These Halloween Game Night Ideas

Have you noticed that family game nights are making a comeback? The Children’s Museum Guild’s witches have!

“After being stuck at home during the pandemic, many families really seem to have gotten back into playing games together,” says Molly Winkler, co-head witch of The Children’s Museum Guild’s 58th Annual Haunted House.

If you’re looking for some creative, simple and memorable Halloween-themed games to play with your little ghouls and goblins this season, the Guild Witches recommend you give these four games a try.

Spider Race

Your little ones will love this. Each participant gets a tiny plastic spider and a straw. The first one to blow their spider across the finish line wins!

Soup Can Monster Bowling

This game takes a little bit of prep ahead of time, but your family will have fun showing off their creativity! In preparation for this game, you’ll need to save 10 soup cans (empty canned vegetable cans would be fine, too). Wash them and remove their labels. Once dry, your family can paint scary faces, like Frankenstein’s monster, ghosts, or Jack-O-Lanterns. Once they’re nice and dry, set your boo-tiful creations up like a bowling alley. Grab a small plastic or rubber ball and knock them all down!

Halloween Bingo

Have everyone fill their bingo card squares with Halloween stickers. Each participant crosses off the items on their card as they see them on Halloween night. The first one to get BINGO wins!

Another great way to have a Halloween game night is by exploring The Children’s Museum Guild’s 58th Annual Haunted House — Game Night Fright! A wacky and twisted world of games gone wild awaits, and this may be the one time you WANT to be the first player out! You’ll quickly find that NOTHING is as it seems! Make your way through ginormous game pieces blocking your route in Moanopolis, and navigate through the Delusional Dominos just to battle the Wretched Rooks.

“We feel like this is a theme that will appeal to all ages: of course to kids who love games, but we think adults will really appreciate the nostalgia of the classics that they may have grown up playing,” Winkler says. Game Night Fright! is open Oct. 12–30, 2022. Tickets are available at

The Haunted House offers AES Indiana’s Lights-on Hours (for those who scare easily) and AAA’s Frightening Hours (lights off, for those who dare to be scared). Little ones who want to solve a mystery can put on their Scooby costumes to become a member of Mystery Inc. and help Shaggy and crew find a jewel-thieving ghost in Scooby-Doo!™ Mansion Mayhem! Enter the graveyard, search the Hall of Portraits, explore the library and music room. All you need is courage, teamwork, and ingenuity to close this case. Jinkies, Jeepers and Zoinks — this exhibit is included in museum general admission. Buy at least two weeks in advance and save up to 20%!

Have a safe and fang-tastic Halloween!

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