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Washington Township Elementary Schools

Washington Township is a dynamic community with broad diversity in cultures, religions, ethnic groups, races, and socioeconomic levels. Our school district has continued to be an educational leader in Indiana for the last 60 years. We offer a comprehensive academic curriculum with special activities and programs geared to provide students enrichment, exploration, and instructional support. Combined, our eight elementary schools serve approximately 4,500 students.

General Info:

Allisonville: 4900 E 79th St, Indianapolis
Clearwater: 3575 E 79th St, Indianapolis
Crooked Creek: 2150 Kessler Blvd W Dr, Indianapolis
Fox Hill: 802 Fox Hill Dr, Indianapolis
Greenbriar: 8201 Ditch Rd, Indianapolis
Nora: 1000 91st St, Indianapolis
Spring Mill: 8250 Spring Mill Rd, Indianapolis
Willow Lake: 7535 Harcourt Rd, Indianapolis

Washington Township Elementary School


Q&A with Washington Township Elementary Schools:

What makes Washington Township Elementary Schools unique?

Our supportive community recognizes the quality of education we provide and the critical role we play in the long-term viability of Indianapolis’ north side. Through substantial community-supported referendums passed in 2016 and 2020, we have built two new elementary schools. We are currently making construction updates on the six existing elementary campuses to include enhanced school safety measures, first-class furniture, equipment, and technology. Add to that our outstanding faculty and staff, and we know our students are getting the best educational experiences possible.

Washington Township Elementary School

What is age/grade range for Washington Township Elementary Schools?

Washington Township Elementary Schools serve students in kindergarten through grade five.

What is the enrollment policy? Are there any key dates parents should be aware of?

As a traditional public school district, Washington Township has an open enrollment policy and proudly provides a high-quality education for all students. We welcome students at any time; however, we encourage families to take advantage of natural transition times to make it easier for the student. For example, students entering kindergarten must be five years of age by August 1 of their enrollment year to attend. Registration information can be found on our district website.

Washington Township Elementary School

Do you offer financial assistance?

As a traditional public school, Washington Township proudly provides a tuition-free, high-quality education for all students. In addition, assistance with meals is available through a simple application process.

Washington Township Elementary School

What are the standard school day hours?

Hours of academic operation for Washington Township elementary schools are Monday-Friday, 7:40 am-2:25 pm. For families with students of different educational levels, our middle school hours are 9:30 am-4:25 pm, and our high school hours are 8:35 am-3:25 pm.

Washington Township Elementary School

Does Washington Township Elementary Schools offer before/after school care? Does your school offer afterschool activities?

Through a long-standing partnership with At Your School (AYS), before and after school care is available at all eight elementary schools. Participants experience a balance of academic and social development opportunities each day. Along with AYS, various after-school clubs and activities are offered at different times throughout the school year. These include athletics, music, art, academic teams, STEM clubs, and more!

Is there a uniform or dress code?

Uniforms are not required for students attending Washington Township elementary schools; however, students are expected to dress appropriately so as to not distract from the learning environment.

How many children attend Washington Township elementary schools? How many students are in the average classroom?

The student population in each of our eight elementary schools ranges from 500-700 students depending upon the building. Washington Township Elementary class sizes typically consist of 22-26 students.

Washington Township Elementary School

Does Washington Township elementary schools school have a homework policy?

Our elementary schools work to balance opportunities for academic practice with the need for students to have time after school for playing, socializing with friends and neighbors, and participating in other activities. All students are encouraged to read daily, and age-appropriate homework may be assigned.

Does Washington Township elementary schools offer support for students with special needs?

Special education services are provided to eligible students beginning at age three. The district offers various academic, behavioral, and related supports and services. Most students attend their home school and are educated with their peers as much as appropriate. In addition to the services and programs at each school, the district provides a continuum of services for students with significant cognitive disabilities and behavioral challenges.

Washington Township Elementary School

What specialty classes / extracurricular activities does Washington Township elementary schools offer (gym, art, language, sports etc.)?

Along with their core academic subjects, all Washington Township elementary students attend music, art, physical education, and technology classes. These engaging courses provide students with fun, hands-on experiences, and exposure to a wide variety of topics and activities.

Washington Township Elementary School

What are your school’s safety policies?

Keeping students safe is paramount at all Washington Township Schools. External doors remain locked, and school resource officers are assigned to each building. Staff and visitors carry a district-issued ID while on campus.

Who should parents contact for more information about Washington Township elementary schools?

If you are interested in learning more about Washington Township elementary schools, please contact our Director of Elementary Education, Mr. Tim Blom via email at [email protected] or via phone at 317.205.3332 ext. 77204.