There is no greater love than the love a mother has for her child

This picture says it all. The four generation picture we all hope to have someday when mother, grandmother and great-grandmother share their joys of motherhood.

This photo was taken in 1987 shortly after Wendy Cox was born. My mother, Dorothy Lucille Stafford Smith, is on the left and like all four of us, was a lifelong resident of Indianapolis. She would be 108 if she were still living. I note that I still had color in my hair and am wearing an Indy’s Child logo necklace in this photo. Indy’s Child was three years old when this picture was taken. I cherish this picture because it truly reflects the love we have as mothers and also the memories that make parenting a special time in our lives.

All the formal education we receive really does not totally prepare you for motherhood and the great balancing act you add to your life. There is nothing more wonderful than a family and nothing more delicate than the way we prioritize our time. I observe that as responsibilities grow, so do energy levels. The young mothers I see constantly amaze me.

I am so very proud that both Mary and Wendy Cox are active every day promoting better parenting. February is our Baby and Maternity Issue and features many articles to help parents make important decisions for this special time in their life. February is also the month of the Indy’s Child Camp Fair, which will be held at the Fashion Mall on February 21st from 11 am to 3 pm. Representatives from many different types of camps will be available on hand to talk to. I will be there with staff from the Indianapolis Community Tennis Program promoting our weekly tennis camps.

Finally, this February Indy’s Child wishes a very Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our readers and the wonderful business community who support us through their advertisements and sponsorships!

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