Unique Treatment for Anxiety Offers Relief to Patients of All Ages

“I can remember the first time I had a panic attack at 19 years old,” says Dr. Nathan Fite, mental health practitioner at The Anxiety Center. “I was walking up a flight of stairs and suddenly felt like I was dying. I had been battling low-grade depression and anxiety for months. I thought I could manage it, but on that day, it was clear my body had had enough.”

Dr. Fite was fortunate enough to make it through that low period with right care and support. However, too many don’t, and are left suffering.

After a severe bout with anxiety and depression as a PhD student, Fite grew desperate to find help that was both accessible and effective “At the time, most of the local specialty programs were either very expensive residential programs or fragmented,” Dr. Fite says.

Relying on his own expertise in behavioral psychology and ability to parse through research, Dr. Fite set out to develop a more advanced and holistic approach to mental health treatment. “All of the things that I went through with the mental health system — all of the frustrations I had and barriers I went up against — I used those experiences to create a practice that better serves our community,” Dr. Fite says.

The Anxiety Center offers the full scope of evidence-based psychiatric care from cognitive behavioral therapy, TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation), ketamine infusions, and medication management for patients in a small boutique setting. Dr. Fite knows how it feels to stand in the shadow of an anxiety disorder and is confident that the team at The Anxiety Center has the expertise and tools available to help you or your loved one address their mental health concerns in full. “I also know what it’s like to come out the other side,” Dr. Fite says. “Our team at The Anxiety Center is ready to help you achieve the outcome you deserve.”

The Anxiety Center is now accepting patients for its office in Fishers, which opens in June.


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