Target launches “Thanks A Billion” campaign

{Posted with gratitude to Indy’s Child reader Michelle for the tip!}

As the school year wraps up, Target wants to help families across the country thank teachers for their hard work.

When families register and select a teacher, the Target “Thanks A Billion!” program will donate $25 to that teacher’s school.

It’s all a part of Target’s pledge to donate $1 billion for education by the end of 2015. And there’s absolutely no catch. No purchase required, no email list to sign up for, nothing. Simply a way to help thank teachers for all that they do throughout the year. In their news release, Target executive vice president and chief corporate social responsibility officer says “Supporting local communities through giving has always been a cornerstone of Target’s business. Thanks a Billion campaign is one way guests can help Target… show gratitude to teachers who help shape and guide students nationwide.”
Participation is easy:
  • * Visit the Thanks A Billion! website
  • * Enter your zip code and select your school
  • * Write a quick message of thanks to a special teacher, administrator or staff member
  • * Share with friends {optional}
This campaign will be open until Target reaches a goal of donating $5 million. {This is just one program in the entire $1 billion campaign.}


MORE INFORMATION: A registered Facebook account is required. Visit or Read the official news release here.


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