Sun King Brewery is now All Ages

Think babies and breweries don’t mix? Think again. Sun King recently joined the movement to cater to craft beer loving parents by announcing that they would be making all of their locations kid friendly.

Before we all had kids, we used to love going to Sun King Brewery’s downtown tasting room. The idea was when you walked in you received 5 or so tokens to sample the different beers Sun King brews on site. This was a tradition every time my cousins came in from Chicago. That ended about a year ago when we all had kids around the same time.

With my cousins in town for the weekend and kids now able to tag along, we decided to check out the new and improved brewery. We walked into the brewery and found a large picnic table next to a huge bookshelf of games. Our kids are still a little young to enjoy Battleship, Connect Four, or Jenga, but the other kids at the Brewery had full access to all of these games we all remember playing as kids. And the games aren’t just for the kids –  adults without kids were also enjoying the nostalgia of playing these games while drinking their beer.

There is still an area that is for adults over the age of 21, and you can still request to taste any beer before committing to a whole pint. We took turns going up to the bar to taste a few beers, but there is also a waiter who comes around if you already know what you what. The other new addition to Sun King’s downtown location is their new food kiosk operated by the people who from Goose the Market and Smoking Goose. We ordered several different appetizers that were easy to share with the whole table.

In the end the best change was nothing had really changed at all. They still had their great beer, a friendly staff, and the beer brewing backdrop. Opening up the brewery to all ages was a great decision on Sun King’s part and we’re excited we are able to return, kid in tow.

More Information: 

The original downtown Sun King location opened as a small twelve tap tasting room and fifteen barrel brewhouse in half of an unused warehouse space. Today their downtown brewery campus occupies three buildings as their offerings and capacity continue to expand. The downtown brewery is located at 135 N College Ave. There is also a smaller location in Fishers and third location opening in Carmel later this year. All of these locations welcome kids of all ages. For more information visit:

Remember to drink responsibly and always appoint a designated driver!

Wendy has been working for Indy’s Child Magazine for the past 7 years and had her first baby last October. Wendy and her husband are adjusting to life with a baby and are always looking for something new they can do as a family. 


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