Stutz Arts announces “Just My Height: Secret Doors” show for kids

As a mini at 5’1″, I can attest to the number of seemingly-regular things in life not built for the petite set in mind. Countertops at many businesses/offices are usually something I have to stand on tiptoe to see over. Bathroom mirrors – don’t get me started. Standing room only concerts… whole other deal.

So when the news started trickling in that Just My Height – a special kids art show program out of Miami that strives to bring art down to kid viewing level – had partnered with the Stutz Art Gallery, I breathed a sign of relief for my other fellow minis.

Opening Friday, October 7th, the “Secret Doors” show is a one-of-its-kind designed to activate the young art enthusiast. All art is hung at a child-friendly level of 36,” perfect for kids to get the birds eye view they need to appreciate the works.

Stutz Just My Height Secret Doors _ Indy's Child

Each piece of art has been specifically curated for the Raymond James Stutz Art Gallery, where it will remain on display through October 28th.

This week we caught up with Leigh Dunnington-Jones, the curator and director for this phenomenal event:

“I’m so excited that I could just pop,” she said. “We received some work today from our artists as we prepare for Friday’s opening and we are getting some just awesome stuff. Many pieces were proposed to us and we didn’t see the final products until they were delivered. Sometimes I would get work in progress photos, but not always, and I can say that what’s been dropped off so far has exceeded my expectations.”

Stutz Just My Height Secret Doors _ Indy's Child
This special piece by Stephen Yarbouough will be on display during the Secret Doors show thru October 28.

The enthusiasm and passion pouring from Dunnington-Jones’ voice was so infectious that I immediately jumped onto the Stutz Facebook page to check some of the sneak peeks out for myself. From a 4′ long canvas key to an interactive video piece, artists were asked to create around the theme of ‘Secret Doors.’

Stutz Just My Height Secret Doors _ Indy's Child
Laura Levine’s mixed media “Queen Esther” sculpture will be on display at the Just My Height: Secret Doors show.

A few other key questions we tossed at Dunnington-Jones were:

  • How did you get introduced to Just My Height Art Shows? Aren’t they based in Miami? “We had an artist from Stutz that participated in one of the shows in Miami and introduced us to the founder, Christine Lyall. We started talking in February, applied for a grant thru the Penrod Society, got it, made a call for artists, started looking at art, and it all just went from there.”
  • Where did the Secret Doors theme come from? “Christine had done this theme before with a team of street artists and we thought it was a theme that would appeal to our artists and visitors both adults and kids.”
  • Are the artists involved with the show from Indiana or national? “All of those featured in the show are local Indianapolis artists, many who are emerging artists. So emerging in fact that one is currently enrolled as a student at the Herron School of Art!”
Stutz Just My Height Secret Doors _ Indy's Child
Kat Silver’s Ascending Into Consciousness features some of her signature rabbit figures. “The rabbits are waiting to ascend the latter {sic} up into the conscious mind of the female head, Her mouth (which appears as a puppet mouth) hangs open to allow them in.”

We turned to local mom and artist Kat Silver to ask a few more questions about the show. Silver’s work will be on display at the Secret Doors gallery showing, and we were curious to know what intrigued her to submit to begin with.

“When I first saw the call, I just adored the theme of secret doors. Doors are great metaphors for transitions, new beginnings, transformations and ritual,” Silver added. “After reading more about the show I discovered it was going to be child-centered, hung at eye level for children to see and enjoy. Also perfect for me because I am the mommy of two amazing little girls who love art, going to openings and participating in art making with me. I was excited to be a part of a show that opens up doors for so many other children to gain a positive experience and exposure to fine art in a gallery setting.”

Since the show runs through the end of October, the Stutz Art Gallery also looks to welcome field trip groups, homeschoolers and other educational programs to visit the setup. Activities available include building a sculpture of a person in a {secret} door, a scavenger hunt, tour of a Stutz artist studio, and more.


The show’s opening reception is October 7th from 5-9pm to coincide with the monthly First Friday in downtown Indianapolis. And the good news is: For all you petites out there, the art will be at just our height. No tiptoes required.

MORE INFO: The Just My Height: Secret Doors show will be on display October 7-28, 2016, Mondays-Fridays from 11am-2pm. The Raymond James Stutz Art Gallery is located at 212 W. 10th Street in downtown Indianapolis. The show is free to attend. Visit their website or call {317} 503-6420 for more details. Primary image of mom and daughter looking at art on gallery wall used and credited with thanks to Just My Height Art Shows from their Facebook page.


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