Start Your Engines at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

The next time you are driving your little ones around, you might notice them peering out the window, fascinated with the carsThankfully, it will be many years before they start driving on their own, but they are never too young to learn how things work! 

Hot Wheels: Race to Win at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is a popular way to teach kids STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) concepts at a level they can understand. Picking up, moving and rolling toy cars gives them control. Actively manipulating the cars or moving the iconic orange track teaches children simple cause and effect relationships. Parents can show their little ones that cars go faster on tracks positioned at a steeper angle, and they can see for themselves how cars slow down when energy is used to navigate a loop on the track. 

Racing isn’t just about driving in the fast lane. This year, the family favorite Pitstop Challenge will be at both the Hot Wheels exhibit and The World of Sport indoor exhibit of the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience®. The Pitstop Challenge is a good exercise in teamwork — even parents can take part in racing the clock to change tires and fuel up. 

“We hope hands-on exploration encourage children and families to problem-solve together as they test each car’s performance on different track layouts, and will prompt parents and grandparents to share fond memories of their first toys and cars with the younger generation,” says Dr. Jeffrey H. Patchen, president and CEO of The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. 

If you’re looking for fresh air and exercise, head outside, feel the wind in your face and get those muscles pumping at the two-pedal car racetracks in the Riley Sports Legends Experience®. This is perfect for little ones learning to ride a bike: no balancing is involved, just pedaling because the cars are on a slotted trackEngaging in this physical activity helps children understand the athletic aspect of racing, such as using strength to steer a car and building sportsmanship skills. Children must wear close-toed shoes for safety and they have to be 42 inches tall. 

Buckle up for fun in the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience®, which opened for its second season March 16, 2019. Hot Wheels: Race to Win opens May 18, 2019 for its fifth and final year at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

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