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Something epic: Young Indy cousins take on world of podcasting

Something epic for kids podcast _ Indy's Child MagazineOnce their sweet voices came across our airwaves, we were smitten kittens with Ainsley and Elizabeth, the young entrepreneurs behind the Something Epic for Kids podcast, based here in Indianapolis.

They talk everything you’d expect from 8- and 9-year-olds: School, their Halloween costumes and more. But now we’re infringing on Shelly’s territory because she had a chance to sit down with them and really get the scoop. So Shelly, take it sister!

I recently had the great pleasure of interviewing two up-and-coming stars in our entrepreneurial community. Ainsley and Elizabeth of Something Epic for Kids Podcast are two bright young Hoosiers that have started a podcast based on the knowledge they want to share with their peers. I set up an interview to learn more about the inner workings of a podcaster and learned a lot from these ladies.

Ainsley {8} and Elizabeth {9} are cousins that happen to live next door to each other. If I hadn’t known ahead of time, I would have thought they were twins – a comment they must get often because it’s a part of their opening script for each episode. Their podcast covers subjects from friendship to what they learned in school and everything in between. In November of 2014 both girls chose podcasting as a new subject to research. Through their time as podcasters they’ve learned numerous life skills at such an early age. Planning/show prep, communication skills, listening, articulating, internet safety and team work have all been integral components of running the first kid-ran podcast geared towards kids.

Something epic for kids podcast _ Indy's Child MagazineThe podcasting duo decides all topics as a pair. They have regular segments like “Yay of the Day” and “Whine of the Week,” plus other occasional topics like “Friendship Advice” and “Stuff We Learned in School.” Their target audience is kids but they gave me permission to tell you that adults are allowed to listen as well. Be sure to check out their nature segment entitled “Nature Justice” as it is the girls’ favorite.

Their podcast reel just added its 13th episode – with a topic that you might recognize {ahem IndysChild.com!}. The girls were such professionals and peppered me with tons of questions about my job like:

  • What equipment do you use besides a pencil and paper for your job?
  • Do you look forward to writing?
  • What is the most interesting person you’ve wrote about?
  • What kinds of things do you write about?
  • What advice do you have for kids if they want to do your job when they grow up?

It really gave me a great feel for how they approach each podcast episode and what types of future both of these girls have in journalism.

If you’re looking for something new for your kids to listen to while doing those summer crafts Something Epic for Kids is the perfect solution. To listen to their latest cast go to their website at SomethingEpicForKids.com. They’re not sure what the future holds for the podcast but they’re looking into local advertisers as well as guests to interview. They would also love any questions or comments you or your kids have sent to [email protected].


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