What is a S’morecicles? And Where Can You Get One in Indy?

S’mores: They are the ultimate fun, unfussy treat that brings back memories of long summer days, campfires, and being a kid (or a kid at heart). But now, we have another reason to love s’mores with S’morecicles, a frozen s’mores cart that rode into Indianapolis on July 1, and is delivering handcrafted, frozen s’mores to the downtown Indy area.

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What Are S’morecicles?

S’morecicles are a cool new take on one of everyone’s favorite treats. These are not ice cream treats — they’re frozen, toasted, gooey s’mores on a stick. Each frozen-yet-gooey s’more is dipped in chocolate, peanut butter or Nutella, and then topped with cookies, candies, fruits or sprinkles. 

Each small batch of S’morecicles is made by hand in Indy by Lynsey Delp, the owner and creator of S’morecicles. She also delivers each order to you via her S’morecycle bike: a teal 3-wheeler which you’ll be seeing around downtown Indianapolis. 

Photo by S’morecicles

Q&A with Lynsey Delp of S’morecicles

We talked to Lynsey Delp about S’morecicles to learn more about her unique, delicious s’mores treats that just hit Indianapolis this summer.

This is such a neat concept! What was your inspiration for the idea?

Thank you! I have loved s’mores since I was a kid. I grew up on a farm in rural Indiana and we ALWAYS had s’mores while sitting around a bonfire. As an adult, I still love them and the nostalgia that they bring.

The idea for S’morecicles came when I was having a bonfire with my family and was trying to eat the toasted marshmallow off of the roasting stick to avoid getting my hands all sticky. That’s when I first had the thought that s’mores should be on a stick to make them easier to eat. Hot s’mores will not stay on a stick, however. Believe me, I tried. After several attempts, I then wondered if they would taste just as good if they were frozen and the rest is history! 

You currently only serve the downtown Indianapolis area right now. Do you have plans to expand?

 I do! I am hoping to be out at local events, celebrations, dog birthday pawties, etc. by the end of the month! August will also bring a really big announcement in regards to covering more areas than the S’morecycle can currently serve! 


Are your S’morecicles in stores, or do you plan to do any pop-ups?

I have some collaborations in the works and am hoping to have my first pop-up in place for National S’mores Day on August 10th! I am also working on some local partnerships to sell S’morecicles from small, boutique-type shops. 

What are your most popular flavors? 

 S’moreo (milk chocolate + Oreo) is always #1!

Close behind it are S’morefetti (milk chocolate + sprinkles), I Have Nuttin’ (milk chocolate + Snickers), and Jagged Little Peel (milk chocolate w/ peanut butter + freeze dried bananas).S'morecicles


More Info about S’morecicles:

To order S’morecicles for delivery in the downtown Indianapolis area, visit www.smorecicles.com

Nicole Sipe
Nicole Sipe
Nicole Sipe is the editor of Indy's Child and Southwest Ohio Parent magazines. She has a BA in Journalism from California State University Northridge, and has been involved in the print and digital publishing world for most of her life. Born and raised in Southern California, Nicole traded the city and sun for corn and creeks, and now lives in central Indiana with her husband, two sons and Collie. Her latest book for children, “All About Me! Art Journal” was published in 2022 by Walter Foster Jr. In her spare time, she likes traveling with her family, enjoying good food and drink, volunteering at her children’s schools and around her community, and practicing yoga.

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