Here a book, there a book, everywhere a book book

PublicCollection_Indy's Child MagazineThere are easily 100 free activities to do in or near downtown Indianapolis but I want to highlight 9 of my favorite spots.

The Public Collection is a series of 9 micro-libraries scattered around the city that blend art and literacy beautifully.

Each book station was created by a different artist based in Indiana. The installations are part of the organization’s plan to raise awareness for education and inspire appreciation for literature and the arts. The elaborate sculptures can be found in parks, homeless shelters, and public spaces throughout the city. All books have been provided by the Indianapolis Public Library and passersby are free to borrow and return them at their leisure. {Can you believe the project has stocked more than 10,000 books since it launched in late August 2015!}

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The libraries hold books for all demographics and ages. We found a book about trees as well as a children’s book to check out for Sophie. We love how seamlessly this project fits in with our great city and can not wait to visit each one. Which one will you visit next?

Here’s a full list of these special spots:

1. Playstation and Cool Books, Food for Thought

PublicCollection_Indy's Child Magazine

  • Artist{s]: LaShawnda Crowe Storm – Playstation; Tom Torluemke – Cook Books, Food for Thought
  • Location: Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd, Indianapolis
  • More info: Call {317} 923-1331


2. Natilus

  • Artist: Katie Hudnall
  • Location: Eskinazi Health 720 Eskenazi Avenue, Indianapolis
  • More info: Call {317} 880-0000

3. Evolution of Reading

PublicCollection_Indy's Child Magazine

  • Artist: Kimberly McNeelan
  • Location: White River State Park, 801 W Washington St, Indianapolis
  • More info: See website


4. The Answer is in the Question

  • Artist: Phil O’Malley
  • Location: Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center 1920 W Morris St, Indianapolis
  • More info: Call (317) 639-6106


5. Monument, 2015

PublicCollection_Indy's Child Magazine

  • Artist: Brian McCutcheon
  • Location: Monument Circle 1 Monument Cir, Indianapolis
  • More info: See website


6. Harvesting Knowledge

  • Artist: Brose Partington
  • Location: City Market 222 E. Market St, Indianapolis
  • More info: Call {317} 634-9266


7. Topiary

PublicCollection_Indy's Child Magazine
Photo credit:


  • ArtistEric Nordgulen
  • Location: Indianapolis Cultural Trail Southeast Corridor of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail
  • More info: Call {317} 653-1948
8. Table of Contents
  • Artist{s}: Stuart Hyatt, Janice Shimizu and Joshua Coggeshall
  • Location: Horizon House 1033 E Washington St, Indianapolis
  • More info: Call {317} 423-8909


So where will your next adventures in reading take you? Hopefully to one of these incredible 9 spots. Enjoy them!


Shelly Bergman - Indy's Child WriterShelly Bergman is a freelance writer who began writing in 2013 after the birth of her daughter. After being away from Indiana for 6 years, she has brought her family back to the place her heart belongs. In her free time, she enjoys exploring Indy, working on projects for her new home, or planning yet another Disney vacation. Above all, her deepest passion is her family. She loves adventuring with her travel sidekick Sophie (2), playing board games with her husband Jeffrey, and enjoying the park with her dog Lexi. When she’s not crafting or writing for her blog DIY Mama she is working as a personal home organizer. Follow along in her adventures at @shellybergman on Instagram or @shelly_bergman on Twitter.

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