Preventing Household Hazards: Protecting Your Little Ones from Common Household Poisons

Join The Hamilton County Health Department and their Health Education Specialist, James Ginder, for a Q & A on Poison Prevention.

What are some common household items that can pose a poisoning risk to children?
Household items such as cleaning products, medications, pesticides, and even certain plants can pose a poisoning risk to children if not properly stored or handled.

How can parents effectively child-proof their home to prevent accidental poisonings?
Parents can child-proof their home by installing safety latches on cabinets containing harmful substances, keeping medications and cleaning products out of reach or in locked cabinets, and removing poisonous plants from the home. Medications and household cleaners should always be stored in their original containers with child-resistant caps.

What steps should parents take if they suspect their child has ingested a potentially harmful substance?
If a parent suspects their child has ingested a harmful substance, they should immediately call Poison Control (1-800-222-1222) for guidance. They should also try to determine what substance was ingested and how much, but without delaying medical help.

Can you provide some tips for educating children about the dangers of ingesting harmful substances?
Parents should educate children about the dangers of ingesting harmful substances at a young age by using age-appropriate language and visual aids and reminding them to ask an adult before touching or tasting anything unfamiliar.

How can I learn more?
Join the Hamilton County Health Department and the Indiana Poison Control Center for a FREE Poison Prevention webinar for parents on Wednesday, March 27 at 6:00 p.m. Please click here to register.

The Hamilton County Health Department is offering a valuable opportunity for parents and caregivers in the community with their upcoming series of free monthly webinars on children’s health in 2024. Led by experts in the field, these webinars aim to provide valuable information and resources to promote the well-being of children. 

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