Preschool Visit Days at Heritage Christian School

Enthusiasm and energy abound in the Heritage Christian School early childhood hallway. Heritage’s youngest students play and learn in the cheerful classrooms dedicated for preschool.

The goal of the preschool program at Heritage is to come alongside parents to help their children prepare developmentally. “Our program focuses on developmental milestones for preschool, but also begins the children on a journey that prepares them for a 21st century college-prep education,” says Brenda Klingerman, academic director and elementary and intermediate school principal.

Heritage was recently named the #1 college-prep school in Central Indiana, and the impressive distinction confirms what Heritage families have known for over five decades; that the school excels at preparing students for an academic future that includes higher education.

As one of the finest private schools in the United States, Heritage Christian School desires to partner with Christian families to provide a Christ-centered education with strong, college-prep academics and intentional discipleship of students. HCS currently serves 1,200 students in preschool-12th grade, supported by nearly 200 faculty and staff members who are dedicated to the mission and vision of the school.

“We believe that the foundation laid in these early formative years is vital to a long-term successful student.” The growth and momentum of this foundational early childhood program has a positive “trickle up” impact upon higher grade levels. “Our goals have not changed over the years, but our methods have evolved as we adjust to an ever-changing world in which our children must be equipped differently,” explains Klingerman.

“And of course, central to Heritage and what makes us who we are, is the biblical foundation on which we build our curriculum and on which we love and nurture these little ones and their families.” For in what may seem like the blink of an eye, these little ones will become the young adults of tomorrow, walking across the stage to receive their Heritage diploma, and into the world to impact God’s Kingdom.

Heritage Christian School will be hosting Visit days on May 21 and 22. We invite you to drop in and visit our preschool on these special visit days. Guests will be invited to spend a few minutes visiting with teachers while learning more about Heritage Preschool. During these visit days, parents will have the opportunity to meet teachers, visit classrooms and the early childhood hallway, learn about preschool curriculum and have questions answered by our staff. Pre-register today at or at 317-849-3441.

More about Preschool at Heritage:
  • Students entering our preschool program must turn 3 by June 1st.

  • Play is a vital part of the young child’s learning experience as they experience God’s world, express themselves, learn to manage relationships, regulate behaviors, and foster imagination.

  • Teach to the whole child: spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and cognitive.

  • Provide activities that include teacher-guided instruction and child-initiated exploration.

  • Curriculum includes: Bible; Language Arts: phonics, printing, and reading; Math; Science; Minds in Motion; Specials


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