Transform Into a Pirate for Halloween

Pirates have sailed into our hearts for generations through classic books and movies. Their familiar eye patches and peg legs pop up most often around Halloween – an opportune time to transform yourself into Pirate for Halloween and embark on an adventurous journey.

Fictionally sailing in search of buried treasure with your child is a great way to learn about creating interesting costumes, following directions using a map and much more, all while having fun!

Go from saying “hello” to “ahoy” by following the pirate transformation steps below.

1. Dress the part.

When you think of a pirate, the first thing that comes to mind is how they look – their shiny hooks, bushy beards and tattered clothes. Craft your own pirate costume using materials like black face paint, aluminum foil and old t-shirts. Easily create an eye patch with black construction paper and yarn.

2. Create your pirate name.

If you’re going to be a pirate, your name has to fit the part. For example, if your child’s name is James, his pirate name could be “Pirate James of the Dark Waters.” Pick your favorite name combination below.

Pirate + [your name] + of the + Sapphire Sea
Captain + [your name] + of the + Howlin’ Winds
Buccaneer + [your name] + of the + Pearly Waters
Black beard + [your name] + of the + Golden Treasure
Sailor + [your name] + of the + Sticky Sails
3. Learn the lingo.

Before hoisting the sails, you and your child should learn a few key pirate vocabulary words. Replace what you say on your journey with these common pirate phrases below.

Hello = Ahoy My = Me
Yes = Aye You = Ye
Treasure = Booty Friend = Bucko
Wow = Blimey Clean up = Ship shape 


4. Create a map of your journey.

Even pirate crews need directions! Create your own by helping your child draw the layout of the living room, back yard or a park. Experiment with paper and crayons or felt and glue to make your map. Your pirate journey is also a great opportunity to teach older children how to use a compass or ruler.

Extend your pirate adventures by visiting this year’s pirate-themed haunted house at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Pirate’s Revenge offers friendly, frightening and Xtreme Scream hours for pirates of all ages to explore a ghastly ghost ship and walk the perilous plank at their own level.

The Haunted House opens Saturday, October 10th at 10 am following the Black Hat Dash 5K/1 mile run. Families can purchase Haunted House tickets and register for the Black Hat Dash online at

Pirate’s Revenge at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

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