Meet Blue!

Trey Mock didn’t always dream about a future as a professional mascot, but now in his eleventh season as the beloved Blue, it’s hard for him to imagine anything else. Not only has Trey embodied Blue for the past decade, he also helped design and create the mascot in 2006 when the Indianapolis Colts recruited him to spearhead the program. Blue was Trey’s first baby. Now with two children of his own and married to a former Colts cheerleader, the Mock family lives and breathes the Indianapolis Colts.


Born and raised in Marietta, Georgia, Trey was always a fan of sports. He attended college at Auburn University and earned himself a full ride scholarship as Aubie the Tiger. In 2003, Trey won the Mascot National Championship. He was soon recruited by the Atlanta Falcons and later by the Buffalo Bills. When the Indianapolis Colts called, Trey was one of 58 applicants vying for a role which didn’t yet exist – and as they say, the rest is history. Trey has already had quite a remarkable career as Blue. His greatest moment so far came very early in his first year when the Colts won the Super Bowl. With the team winning in the pouring rain, hearing Prince play “Purple Rain” at halftime, and proudly donning a persona he created, Trey says that memory is pretty hard to beat.


Trey is busy all year long; not just during football season. He visits over 100 schools throughout Indiana every year, meeting about 40,000 students. He also visits hospitals, youth groups and various Colts events. His shows, endorsed by the United States Department of Education, are interactive and high-energy, featuring special guest appearances by the Colts cheerleaders, Dwayne Allen and Andrew Luck. Trey promotes messages that encourage anti-bullying, healthy eating and the importance of imagination and education – all topics near and dear to his heart.


Trey’s newest venture might be his most personal and ambitious yet. He has written a book, Blue’s Road Trip through Indiana, which he calls a “fun love letter to the state.” The book chronicles Blue’s alphabetical adventure across Indiana, highlighting 26 of Trey’s favorite spots. For example, C is for Conner Prairie, and L is for Lucas Oil Stadium. Trey’s book is a natural extension of his work, both educational and entertaining, which are the cornerstones of Blue’s appearances in the community. Trey says that this book is a way for him to thank Hoosiers for cheering him on for the past ten years.


The Mock family hits the road this summer to promote the book, and Trey is excited to share this adventure with his wife and children – and Blue, of course. After all, Blue really is part of the family. Trey says that being Blue is sometimes like having a pet, especially when he finds blue fur everywhere! He hopes the book teaches kids about how great Indiana is and encourages them to “Go and make your own adventure. Unplug, pack a lunch and explore.” There is certainly more adventure in Trey’s future. After this summer’s book tour, he will jump right into a busy football season, return to school to finish his degree and will begin work on Blue’s second book.



Where can you find Blue this summer?


July 22

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis*

1:30 – 2: 30 pm


July 23

Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari*

10 am – 12 pm CST

(11 am – 1 pm EST)


July 26

Amish Acres

5 – 6 pm


July 29

The Indianapolis Zoo*

12:30 – 1:30 pm


August 9

Indiana State Fair*

4 – 5 pm


*To access the book signing area at these locations, fans will have to purchase admission tickets to the venue. Information on admission prices is available on their websites.



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