The Little Mermaid arrives at Beef and Boards

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t hear ‘Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?’ sung in my home. My daughter is currently obsessed with The Little Mermaid.

Her Birthday party theme of choice was Under the Sea. I don’t blame her though, she’s a girl after my own heart as Ariel has always been my favorite princess. I was worried that she would have such a strong tie to the Disney version that she would question the original Hans Christian Andersen story we were about to see at Beef and Boards. I couldn’t have been more wrong!



This telling of The Little Mermaid was performed slightly different than the original story, leaving out the whole turning to foam and becoming a ethereal earthbound spirit bit for the adults. The Children’s Theatre at Beef and Boards did a wonderful job keeping the hour long production engaging and interactive with lots of wardrobe changes, dancing and singing.

Little Mermaid Beef and Boards _ Indy's Child

The performers were so captivating the children were laughing, talking and audibly worried throughout the show. Without spoiling the show, keep your eyes open for characters in the audience, trap doors and the rotating stage! Very cool effects throughout this show and the music and lyrics by Marc Robin and Curt Dale Clark were fantastic.

Little Mermaid Beef and Boards _ Indy's Child

While we were there we had snacks and a drink at our table to enjoy as well as a program with space for autographs. Be sure to visit with Melody, Seaweed and the rest of the crew after the show for a photo op and autograph session.


Rookie Tip: Do not follow Google Maps instructions once you’re turning off Michigan Road! My instructions were to take a u-turn at Wesleyan Rd, turn right on Michigan and enter Beef and Boards from Michigan. There is no entrance there. You WILL end up getting on 456E and missing the beginning of your show – believe me! Instead, turn left on Wesleyan Rd. and Beef and Boards will be on your right.


The Children’s Theatre shows at Beef and Boards are great for children of all ages and the perfect way to get children interested in theater. I recommend making a weekend of it by staying overnight at the Caribbean Cove Indoor Water Park Friday night, having breakfast and swimming Saturday Morning and catching The Little Mermaid for their 1pm performance at Beef and Boards.


MORE INFO: The Little Mermaid will be onstage at Beef and Boards through November 19th. The doors open 30 minutes before the show begins at 10am on Fridays and 10am and 1pm on Saturdays. Each musical is one hour long with no intermission. Beef and Boards is located in college park near the pyramids at 9301 Michigan Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46268. Tickets are $16.50 and can be purchased through the box office at 317.872.9664. A $1 processing fee per ticket will be charged on all orders (except VIP members). For more information visit Special thanks to Beef and Boards for providing select photography for this article.


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