Learning Labs Around Indy

These student centers keep the learning going even when school is out.

If you are looking to help your school-aged child continue learning during school breaks, there are many learning lab options in Indianapolis. The idea behind learning labs is that they keep kids’ minds active, and for some kids, help them catch up in areas that they might be struggling in.

We all want kids to go back to school feeling prepared and ready for a new year. Learning labs can help with that. And don’t worry: they’ll be having fun while they are learning! 

Indy Summer Learning Labs

In partnership with The Mind Trust and United Way of Central Indiana, the staff at Indy Summer Learning Labs are working to meet the needs of students in grades 1 through 9 in Marion County. There is a large list of sites available all throughout Indianapolis (including virtual), ranging from IPS schools to learning centers across the county. Many of these locations can accommodate 10 to 75 students, depending on the location, and no class will have more than 20 students per teacher. Free breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided throughout the day, and the curriculum includes English, math, STEM and more. The labs are five days per week from June 21 through July 23, and attendance is free. 

At Your School (AYS) 

Throughout the summer, At Your School offers enrichment programs to not only retain what students have learned throughout the school year, but also continue to grow in the summer months. Options include one to five days per week and a flexible schedule. For example, children can sign up for the enrichment portion of the day in addition to before- or after-school care. Pack a sack lunch, some play clothes and tennis shoes. Not only will students learn more in STEM activities and English, but they’ll also get some serious outdoor time, exploring and enjoying the summer. 

Jump Bunch of Indianapolis

Want to combine daily exercise and fitness with education this summer? At Jump Bunch, kids can participate in the STEM Fit Challenge and explore how a basketball catapult works, maker space golf and other sports- and science-related challenges. Classes are 30 to 60 minutes in length, and there are many more options focused on fitness alone. Classes run June through August, morning and afternoon. 

Boys and Girls Club of Indianapolis

The Boys and Girls Club offers a safe environment for before- and after-school care, but they also keep the learning going throughout the summer, as well. The Career Launch program for ages 13-18 helps teens build job skills, learn what to expect in an interview and explore different careers they may want to pursue. The Money Matters program teaches financial responsibility to ages 13-18. Learning financial literacy can help students make good financial decisions well into adulthood. The Arts program keeps younger children engaged in creativity, music, photography and design. The many programs surrounding public speaking, working with others, volunteering in the community and more might not specifically engage core curriculum needs, but continue child development outside of the classroom all year long. 

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