Learning about Heroism and Caring for Animals through PAW Patrol

Imagine a world where spunky, brave pups go to great lengths to help their neighbors overcome obstacles. In Nickelodeon’s® top-rated animated preschool series, PAW Patrol, children can watch and learn as Ryder and his team of pups accomplish heroic feats, such as putting out fires, stopping a runaway train and rescuing Adventure Bay citizens from the Kitten Catastrophe Crew. Educational shows like PAW Patrol introduce children to heroism and the importance of caring for animals. 

Parents can foster their child’s passion for animals and helping others by visiting the new PAW Patrol exhibit at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Opening February 23, 2019, it will give families and children the opportunity to travel alongside the pups dedicated to helping others. 

In the exhibit, kiddos can team up with others to figure out strategic ways to overcome challenges. During Ruff Ruff Rescues, visitors will participate in pretend play and hands-on interactives that encourage self-confidence, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

The exhibit is a great stepping-off point for parents to talk with their children about real-life service animals and police dogs in their community, such as Ares and Jett, two accelerant detection dogs that work with the Indianapolis Fire Department.

Police use many breeds of dogs — from German Shepherds to Belgian Malnois, Dutch Shepherds to Labrador Retrievers — just like some of the characters in PAW Patrol. Indy’s police department has opportunities this spring for the public to interact with dogs like Ares and Jett. Children can see firsthand their favorite mighty pups come to life as they fight alongside real-life heroes.

Another way parents can teach their kids about service animals is by visiting the library or watching YouTube videos about extraordinary animals that help people. People with disabilities work with animals to accomplish tasks in their daily lives, just like Tracker and the other courageous team of pups. Children will discover how their favorite animals can offer more than sloppy kisses or purrfect snuggles.

Understanding what our beloved service animals do to save lives is a great way to have deeper conversations with your children about their own safety.

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