Last Laugh

My existence mortifies her! Last time I was at her school she said “Mom, shhhhh you’re embarrassing me!” I wasn’t talking. – Katie R.

Was watching my 5th grade daughter get off the bus when suddenly a truck full of suspicious looking men started to approach her. Without a moment of hesitation I bolted out of the house and ran towards her….without pants. I don’t think she will ever forgive me for that one. – Jennifer C.

I’m sure the list is longer than I’m aware of – but the most humorous thing that he found embarrassing was when I pulled out my mini tape measure at Back to School Night to measure the inside of his locker (so we could find a shelf that fit). He was mortified. “Why do you even own that, Mom??? Oh my gosh. Put that away.” Better yet was when several other parents asked to borrow it for the same thing. – Cheryl W.

Subbed at her high school cafeteria. – Desiree M.

When I chaperoned a school dance and I went in the middle to dance and the kids formed a circle around me! – Mandi L.

My son’s orientation for high school, made him take a pic with me everywhere in the school. He is still embarrassed to this day. – Jiselle P.

I can say what my mom has done. She keeps calling my sister’s current boyfriend with the name of her EX boyfriend! Every time this happens everybody gets so embarrassed that the conversation often completely ends. – Lucia B.

Dancing down the aisles and rockin’ out to the 80’s music playing at Shoe Carnival while shopping for snow boots. – Tina Y.

Yelling for my 14 year old to come out of the dressing room so I could see if what he was trying on fits. – Krista M.

Singing in the mall while walking behind my daughters. – Rick C.

My son got in trouble at school… I was working 3rd shift… I went into the school in my pajamas, which included my robe… I hadn’t even brushed my hair!!! They got the full me, when I wake up!! I’m sure they felt as sorry for him as he was mortified when I walked him to his locker to get his things to leave! – Brandi M.

My kiddos are too young to be embarrassed by their mom yet…but don’t worry, I have big plans… – Brandy L.

Thanks to our readers for all the great replies – we hope their kids enjoy seeing these responses in print!

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