Lakeshore Learning Offers Free Crafts For Kids

It’s no secret that my little artist loves her craft time. So I’m about to spill one of our secret-favorite activities in the Indy area:

The Lakeshore Learning Store offers FREE crafts for kids every Saturday.

As in every single Saturday.
All you have to do is drop-in between the hours of 11am-3pm! And their summer lineup is already starting to interest us:
The Lakeshore Learning Store is located in Nora – the same shopping complex as Whole Foods. It’s jam-packed with educational toys, books, crafts and games – enough to satisfy the ‘I’m only buying this if there’s some kind of educational value’ need in every mom. It’s also a favorite of teachers everywhere, evidenced by the fact that we ran smack into Em’s preschool teacher carrying a huge bag of goodies.


We popped in to the store today after dinner and my son immediately ran off to what looked like an archery set. Pretty soon I heard him saying ‘ok Em, 50 plus 100 is 150, and we want to get up to 1000. So how many more points do I need?‘ This not-your-basic-archery-set was the Add-It-Up Archery and it was working for him. Em was taken this visit with Magnatiles.
But back to the crafts: These easy projects are perfect for a Saturday morning when you’re struggling for something to do. Supplies are out from 11am-3pm and employees are on standby to guide children with the step-by-step instructions. Afterward it’s easy to wander the store for more fun – especially since Lakeshore displays many of their products out of the box for shoppers to touch/feel for themselves. BONUS: Register for the Teacher’s Club to receive offers plus 15% of hundreds of items. And yes, parents are eligible!

If you’re searching for some free Saturday fun, I highly recommend a stop.


MORE INFORMATION: Crafts are available each Saturday from 11am-3pm and vary by week. Lakeshore Learning Store is located at 1300 E. 86th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46240. Call (317) 574-0304 or visit for details.

Photo credits: Jeanine Bobenmoyer; theCityMoms

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