It’s Time for Lemonade Day Indianapolis!

Those of us over 30 remember having a lemonade stand as a kid. It was a rite of passage. Nowadays, in many neighborhoods, you would be hard-pressed to find kids out on the sidewalk, waving down potential customers from their lemonade stands.  Lemonade Day Indianapolis is changing that and bringing lemonade stands back, along with a new way of thinking about them: they really are a kid’s first entrepreneurial venture. And an important experiential learning opportunity.

Now in its seventh year, Lemonade Day Indianapolis is inspiring the next generation of Hoosier entrepreneurs. Simply put, Lemonade Day is about providing kids of all ages the opportunity to EXPERIENCE entrepreneurship by planning, starting, owning, and operating their own business: a lemonade stand! Online registration opens March 1st. When kids register, they get access to our fun, game-like digital curriculum called Lemonopolis. They earn points as they work through interactive lessons about starting a lemonade business and preparing for Lemonade Day, which is Saturday, May 21st. On that day, kids all over the Greater Indy area set up lemonade stands, sell lemonade and get a taste of entrepreneurship! They keep the money (it’s their business after all!) and we encourage them to spend, save and share their profits. Over the last six years, these budding entrepreneurs collectively have donated an extraordinary amount of money to charities of their choosing, many of them local.

Lemonade Day Indianapolis is just around the corner. You can expect to see hundreds, even thousands, of kids setting up shop and selling lemonade that day. There is nothing more local – more American even – than a kid at a lemonade stand, eager to earn their first dollar. Unlike the kids of prior generations though, who sort of “hoped for the best” with their lemonade sales, these lemonade stand owners will be armed with a business plan, maybe even a logo and a Square Reader. A new rite of passage.

[gdlr_stunning_text background_color=”#e6e6e6” title=”REGISTER FOR LEMONADE DAY!”  title_color=”#f44927″ caption_color=”#434343″]You can register for Lemonade Day, get information about other “lead-up” events and secure start-up funding via the Lemonade Day Seed Fund by visiting


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