What should the Indianapolis Zoo name their baby orangutan?

Thousands of guests have already seen the first Sumatran orangutan baby born at the Indianapolis Zoo’s Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center, and according to the Zoo, the public is now invited to help choose a name for the female infant. Five names have been preselected and the option that receives the most votes will become the baby’s name.

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The names to select from, along with their pronunciation and significance, are:

  • Kiki (KEE-kee), the name of Sirih’s great-grandmother
  • Kitri (KEE-tree), meaning “rare” in Indonesian
  • Mila (MEE-lah), an Indonesian word meaning “dear one”
  • Narah (NAH-rah), meaning “truth” in Indonesian
  • Ndari (in-DAH-ree), an Indonesian word meaning “full moon”, which also coincides with the day the baby was born.

Indianapolis Zoo Facebook friends are welcome to vote once daily and one fan will be chosen at random to receive a Zoo prize pack, including an orangutan plush and four Zoo admission passes.

Head over to the Indianapolis Zoo Facebook page for more details and to vote!

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