Indianapolis Fire Department Offers Free Services for Families

Did you know: The Indianapolis Fire Department offers a host of free services for families, ranging from car seat safety checks to Firefighter for a Day camp? So, not only does the fire department serve the community during emergencies, but they are also a great resource for information and activities for the community, too!

Here are just a few of the services your local fire department offers: 

Help with Smoke Alarms

You can request a smoke alarm from the fire department, schedule a pickup, and either self-install or ask a member of the Indy Fire Department to install it for you. The department also conducts home safety visits the first Wednesday and third Saturday of the month. Working smoke alarms save lives, and the fire department is committed to helping all families stay safe. 

Car Seat Checks

Despite a parent or caregiver’s best intentions, many times, a car seat might not be installed correctly. The fire department can help facilitate a car seat safety check, free of charge. If you live in Marion County, visit the Indianapolis Fire Department website, click on the section about car seats, and schedule a check at a fire station.  

Learn Fire Safety Tips 

Looking for advice during the holidays on how to keep your family safe around Christmas trees? Or perhaps you want the latest information on carbon monoxide safety or family escape planning? All this information and a lot more is offered on the fire department’s website, including things you may not have thought of before.

For instance, did you know you should turn off your dryer before leaving home or going to bed? The fire department frequently offers public community events to share this information in person, including opportunities for kids to experience the sound of a smoke detector or how a firefighter looks with all their gear on. 

Firefighter for a Day Camp 

If you missed this year’s free Firefighter for a Day Camp, set a reminder for next May, which is when registration usually opens for the summer. More than 250 children participate in this fun, one-day camp in June, to learn about fire safety and more. Kids have the opportunity to operate a fire hose, use firefighting tools, play relay games and learn more about staying safe. 

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