Indianapolis Colts training camp has arrived!

Every August I find a series of google searches on my wife’s computer related to how to dispose of a body. Now you might think that the end of summer with four crazy kids in the house has driven my wife over the edge, as she takes on all of the back to school stress, but you’d be wrong. It’s my body she’s looking to dispose of. Because every July and August I stuff her in the car against her will and drive her and the very excited children 30 minutes north to Anderson University for…


Don’t get me wrong, she is a Colts fan, but it’s easy for me to go nuts over colts camp and drive her crazy! I earned the nickname “office guy” for a reason.

Indianapolis Colts training camp _ Indy's Child

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “why does your wife want to kill you? That sounds excellent!” Well, do as I say, not as I do. I have a tendency to do this camp all wrong. I like to take my kids to the kid’s zone first, get them all sugared up and excited about playing then when they are tired and hot and ready to head home, that is when I usually decide to take them over to the practice field and ask the to watch 2nd string running backs run routes for 50 minutes.

Indianapolis Colts training camp _ Indy's Child

By the time we leave my wife is usually trying to figure out if she could get me stampeded by the team and have it look like an accident. So if you’re a dad, I’m going to set you up for success. And if you’re a mom, share this with the dads in your life. Cause it’s all fun and games until it’s you that Robert Mathis is crushing.

Indianapolis Colts training camp _ Indy's Child

First, let me first give you the basics. Training camp is located at the Kardatzke Wellness Center/Macholtz Stadium Complex on the campus of Anderson University. There are so many signs and billboards, just head up the highway towards Anderson and you’ll know where to go.

Indianapolis Colts training camp _ Indy's Child

The camp is open to the public most days but there are four themed days during the camp that are always a blast to check out: Armed Forces Day {Friday, July 29}, Kids Day {Sunday, July 31st}, Community Take Back Day {Monday, August 1st} and the BBQ Bash {Tuesday, August 2nd}. Each of these days, like all the other days of the camp, are free and open to the public.
Indianapolis Colts training camp _ Indy's Child

Once you arrive, Colts City has all kinds of fun for the fans in your life.

Indianapolis Colts training camp _ Indy's ChildFirst, a traveling Colts museum. Picture a walk through travel trailer that houses a replica Vince Lombardi trophy, Super Bowl rings, helmets, cleats, game worn jerseys and trivia. I swear it’s not as smelly as it sounds.

In addition you can check out the social media tent to post photos of yourself and enter to win awesome colts prizes. #ColtsCamp!

Check out the kids’ zone in Colts City for inflatable drills for kids to run, passing targets and other awesome football related shenanigans to keep your little ones moving, interested and involved.

And of course don’t forget the new cheerleader squad members! There’s usually free posters and other freebies laying around too, so keep an eye out.
Indianapolis Colts training camp _ Indy's Child

Oops: I meant to mention: Even though all of the camp days are FREE to attend, you will need $5 for parking. So bring cash and be prepared for just a little bit of a walk to the field. But back to Colts City because it will definitely illicit smiles like this:

Indianapolis Colts training camp _ Indy's Child

If you are a first timer: Watch the practice first, kids zone second and then head home! Make sure you bring something for your favorite Colts to sign as the players usually come to the sidelines during breaks!

Indianapolis Colts training camp _ Indy's Child

If you came unprepared for the visit though, don’t worry: Lids set up a temporary Colts shopping HQ with hats, jerseys and all other types of memorabilia to snag for autographs or memorabilia.

As always, make sure you tag us AND the Colts social media team in any of your Instagram photos at @IndysChild and @Colts. Now go and HAVE FUN! And of course, Go Colts!
MORE INFO: The Indianapolis Colts training camp runs through August 10th. It is located in the Kardatzke Wellness Center/Macholtz Stadium complex at Anderson University. Hours vary by day, so check the full schedule here for more details. Admission is free to the general public; parking available for $5. Learn more details at  



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