One family’s journey thru the Indiana State Fair

The assignment you’re about to read started something like this: “Creed? Could you go visit the Indiana State Fair this year and report back? Tell us everything.” {SFX: Car tires screeching.} So the Anthony family went, saw, and took over Instagram with their adventures. Here’s their experience at opening day of the 2016 Indiana State Fair and what you should expect for your own family’s fun…

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If you haven’t been to the Indiana State Fair yet then I have a simple question waiting for you. What are you waiting for?

The State Fair is an annual tradition for our family. The food, the rides, the animals – it is hard to pick out a highlight because they are all memorable. This year we made it to opening day.

Indiana State Fair _ Indy's Child

As the kids have gotten older, the Fair itinerary has morphed and changed. When they were tiny, we ate more and spent more time with the animals. Rides and games were simply a distraction. Then the children got big enough to ride rides. We ate less, rode more, and even played a game or two.

Indiana State Fair _ Indy's Child

This year, the Midway dominated our stay at the Fair. The Indiana State Fair offers special days where you can purchase a wristband and the band wearer can ride unlimited rides (there are a few rides that serve as exemptions). For nearly two hours, our family rode rides – some of them multiple times.

Indiana State Fair _ Indy's Child

The Midway is a fun adventure for kids. It’s an opportunity to explore, an opportunity for excitement, and an opportunity for some independence. This was the first year that both kids could ride some of the bigger rides on their own.

Indiana State Fair _ Indy's Child

Of course any trip to the Fair must include the food experience. There are certain staples that we look forward to each year. There once was a time that my wife and I ate like royalty. However, with the growth of the children we have gotten smarter with our food consumption. We buy things and share. Instead of having a whole meal, we snack our way through the adventure.

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We indulged in Wisconsin cheese, an elephant ear, turkey leg, peanut butter milkshakes {this year’s flavor}, slushies, pretzels, and much, much more. In fact, I’m still full from our endeavors.

Another essential part of every visit – seeing the animals.

The baby cows were the hit this year with the kids. But then again, so were the llamas, and bunnies. In fact, this year we even stumbled upon a costume contest involving the llamas and their handlers.

Indiana State Fair _ Indy's Child

The Fair is more than a celebration of rides, food, and animals – it is also a celebration of the hardworking farmers from across the state. This year, the 200th celebration of the state, the Indiana State Fair is giving these farmer’s their due recognition. Each night, the Fair will highlight a Featured Farmer. What’s unique about these farmers is that each is a recipient of the Hoosier Homestead award. This award is given by the Indiana State Department of Agriculture to farms that have remained in the same family for 100, 150, or 200 years. You have the opportunity to meet each highlighted family at 2:30 in the Glass Barn. You can also expect to see them featured in many exhibit across the fairgrounds.

Indiana State Fair _ Indy's Child

The Fair is around for two more weeks. You don’t need me to tell you this but don’t let the sun set on your opportunity for food, fun, and Hoosier history. There’s a reason why they say there isn’t anything like the Indiana State Fair.

MORE INFO: The Indiana State Fair runs thru August 21, 2016 and is held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds located at 38th Street and Fall Creek Road. For information on ticket prices, parking, or daily itineraries, see the Indiana State Fair website

Creed Anthony _ Indy's ChildCreed Anthony is a husband, father of two, teacher, and writer. He enjoys quiet moments with his family – although quiet is actually a relative term. His children are 4 (the boy) and 8 (the girl) and his pride for them is without bounds. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Creed enjoys visiting new, fun, family friendly places in Indy. He is a Cleveland sports fanatic, comic book fan, avid movie watcher, and loves to write. In his spare time, he serves as the organizer for the Indy Dads Group.

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