Indiana Black Expo Offers Youth Performing Arts Classes 

The Indiana Black Expo is known for its summer series of events, and this year, the organization is celebrating 50 years of music, art, dance and Black culture. 

The summer events are not all there is to the Indiana Black Expo, however. The organization also offers a free Performing Arts Academy for middle and high school students in Central Indiana. The program includes weekly classes, academic support and education in Black history. Classes are held every Saturday for 12 weeks with weekday hours after school. 

Courtesy of Indiana Black Expo

Using performing arts as their medium, students are able to express themselves with passion and purpose, and direct their lives with empowerment and possibilities. 

Packed with a list of professionals in their varying fields, the classes are aimed at inspiring students to pursue their dreams and excel academically. 


Students learn basic hip-hop moves with a series of choreographed lessons on popping, locking, B-boying, krumping, liquids and digits, among other steps. Even if dancing doesn’t become their future, the art is something to stay with them for a lifetime. 


Students learn recording studio techniques, including each step of the process, from vocals, background vocals, arrangements and more. Students are hands-on with the equipment and can work at their own pace, fostering their love of music. 

Courtesy of Indiana Black Expo

Videography and Photography

For kids interested in television production, radio broadcasting or photography, this class is meant to teach the basics in the media industry. Students receive hands-on training with top-of-the-line equipment and workshops on a variety of media subjects. 


Not only do students learn the side of Hollywood with voiceovers, screenwriting, pitching and auditioning, they’ll also have the opportunity to connect with professional acting and modeling agencies. Each student leaves the program with a headshot and portfolio of performances. 

The most recent Performing Arts Academy classes have concluded with a performance on April 3. However, classes operate on a rotation throughout the year and will be offered again soon. Look for the Indiana Black Expo’s Performing Arts Academy open house and registration information at Like them on Facebook and see occasional live performances of students working in their craft. 

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