IMA Dream Cars Exhibit: What Kids Can Expect

This post on the 2015 Indianapolis Dream Cars exhibit is part of a 2-post series with our friends at theCityMoms. It includes details specifically geared toward what younger visitors can expect to see and experience. For more information on what adults should expect at the exhibit, visit this complimentary post at theCityMoms’ website. 

Admittedly, the Indianapolis Museum of Art wasn’t always the first spot I considered for a family outing. Up until last fall, it was a mini getaway in the city for my husband and I on date night, evenings out with my girlfriends or a great spot for a little me time. 100 Acres has long been a favorite of ours, but the thought of taking the kids inside the Museum, well, fuggedaboutit. I was too nervous.
But as 2014 came to a close, I started to notice something new: The IMA was transforming their programming. Family Days were added. Wee Wednesdays were becoming more popular. Art Packs were available at the Front Desk. Cereal Cinemas were peaking my kids’ interest.
And this same care and thoughtful planning for families dots the IMA’s Dream Cars: Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas exhibit which opened this past weekend.
First, what is a dream car? It’s a concept car or protoype created to push the ideas of technology, design, styling, power and more. Historically this reference was used in the 1950s-60s for concept cars built in the US but dream cars certainly existed well before this {and many of the Cars in this exhibit are from the 1930s}.
There are 17 of these dream cars onsite at the IMA now-August 23rd. So before you pooh-pooh the thought of visiting with kids, allow me to say:

The IMA Dream Cars exhibit will be a great stop for your mini auto-enthusiast.


Here’s what to expect:
* Vehicles on display to oogle – all with styling features kids will love to talk about!
  • – How do you get in the 1947 Norman Tibbs Special when there aren’t doors on it?
  • – Which of the cars look like a rocket ship? Why do you think that is?
* An audio tour specially-designed for kids: Headsets {which are completely durable and safe for small hands} can be tuned in at select cars, and kids will hear an audio story about the car crafted for their young ears in mind. Best suited for ages 5-12.
* A kid-ready Design Lab in the Davis Studio off the 2nd floor: Kids can build their own dream car on the magnet wall, read about the concept/design process, and use iPads to create using the IMA Dream Car Design Studio App {which can also be downloaded from Apple iTunes for more fun at home!}
* Plenty of take-home books, posters and toy cars for purchase from the special Dream Cars gift shop
If you haven’t looked at the IMA lately for family programming, this is only a small slice of what they have to offer. But it’s a don’t-miss. Get this on your calendar – the only thing to decide is who had more fun: You, or the kids?

MORE INFORMATION: The Dream Cars: Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas exhibit is open during regular business hours at the Indianapolis Museum Of Art {located at 4000 Michigan Road, Indianapolis; 317-955-2339} and will run through August 23, 2015. Exhibit admission is included with general admission fees but available by reserving a timed ticket either online or in person. Visit for more details. Photo credits with thanks to CityMoms Holly Sample and Courtney Espinosa.

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