Ideas for Getting Your Kids to Do Chores

Kids need chores. Chores teach responsibility and practical skills, and they increase self-esteem. If you’re looking for a few ideas to make chores an everyday part of your child’s daily routine, keep reading!

The Ticket System

Give each child a chore for each day of the work week based on their ability. Maybe that’s to empty the dishwasher each evening or sweep the kitchen floor. For younger kids, it might be watering the plants or gathering dirty laundry for the hamper. 

Each child receives a base pay of five tickets at the end of the week. Those tickets are worth $1 a piece. Kids can cash them in for a “treasure box” full of goodies from the dollar store, perhaps three tickets are worth a sleepover in mom and dads’ room or some kiddos will just want the five bucks. 

Make a list of chores you need done and post it on the fridge, above and beyond their typical chore for the week. Do something extra and receive extra tickets! The system helps kids see that there is a reward for hard work and there are results and positive consequences for going above and beyond. 

Chore Jar

Sometimes, we need to get the kids to work together. If your children work well together, try a group incentive to get the jobs done. 

Write chores down on individual popsicle sticks and place them in the chore jar. Each kid has to pull a stick out of the jar everyday and complete the task. Once every stick has been completed, they earn a prize: movie night, ice cream, trip to the zoo, etc. 

Sticker Plan 

For younger kids, the preparation is part of the fun. Have the children design and cut out a tree from construction paper and for every chore complete (or good behavior noticed) add an apple sticker to the tree. This can be done throughout the year with fish in a fish tank, snowflakes to make a snowman, flowers in the garden or popcorn in a popcorn tub. Set an award for every full “tree” or “tub.”

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