Hot Lunch or Sack Lunch?

This post is mainly crowd sourced information, and for that I thank the followers of my Facebook page, A Dad Influence.

Here’s the question I asked…
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Here’s a summary of responses.
Team Sack Lunch
Believe it or not, this lunch box is available at… for $148.00!
Believe it or not, this lunch box is available at… for $148.00!
One dad responded he saved $47.45 per week, packing lunches for his wife and two daughters! Cost is obviously a big reason for a lot of parents, but what are some other reasons?
Picky eaters
Food allergies
Makes child happy to have a lunch from home
More time to eat vs. wait in lines
Healthier/Quality of food/Organic
Team Hot Lunch
hot lunch
Again cost was a major factor,  several people responded they bought lunch at school because it was at a reduced price or free for all kids at the school.
Good food served in cafeteria
Child preferred it over sack lunch
Team Combo
Many people replied they preferred giving their kids a combination of hot and sack lunches throughout the school year.
For several people, their elementary kids took sack lunches and their older kids bought lunches at school.
Child buys hot lunch once a week as a special treat.
Kids choose daily. Make sack lunch items available, kids pack themselves or buy.
Look at school menu plan for the week, giving kids independence and confidence to buy lunch at school.
Buys school lunch until tummy starts to ache, then switch back to sack lunch for a while.
Hot lunch only if forgotten or in need of buying groceries.
Which team are you on? Or are you too hungry to respond, because you’re now craving the old-school rectangular cafeteria pizza?
Brian "Pete"
Brian "Pete"
Indianapolis Stay-at-Home Dad to three kids, ages nine, six and four. Blogger and monthly print columnist for Indy’s Child, Cincinnati Parent and Dayton Parent magazines. Fifth grade class spelling bee runner-up. Gold Award Winner at the Parenting Media Association Editorial and Design Awards for Best Blog/Blogger.

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