Holiday World plans to open park June 17

Holiday World & Splashin Safari has released a statement with details about what to expect during the 2020 season.

As of now, the park is planning to open Holiday World on June 17 to the public (season pass holders will have the opportunity to visit earlier). Splashin Safari will stay closed until at least July 3. The statement below comes directly from


You won’t need to make a reservation to get in the park, but you will need a ticket or pass

Our new ticket calendar will be live again in the next few days, and your ticket will now only be valid for the specific date you purchase. Our goal was to reduce complication for our Guests during a time when our experience is going to necessitate more complications than ever. We’ll only sell the number we feel comfortable with each day, based on groups that are coming, past Season Passholder attendance, and whether the water park is open.

Season Passholders may come on any day they choose with no reservations (we’ve made some estimates based on past Season Passholder attendance and added an allowance of a few more just to be safe).

AnyDay tickets will no longer be for sale, but if you purchased one, we’ll still honor it on any day (we’ve made a daily allowance for you as well).

Free Unlimited Soft Drinks are still going to be there

When it comes to our self-serve stations, we’re waiting on guidance from our health department and the National Restaurant Association. If self-serve stations are restricted, we’ll have Team Members who can pour you as many soft drinks as you can drink.

We’re targeting a July 4 opening for the water park

This was a hard decision for us. We’re beyond excited to open Cheetah Chase and start thrilling riders in the water park once again. But we also want to make sure our processes are solid before we add the complexity of the water park.

We’ve also had to entirely reimagine parts of our lifeguard training with social distancing in mind–and we’ve had to wait on approval from American Red Cross and the State of Indiana. We think we’ll be able to begin training soon, but it has been delayed.

We’re opening Cheetah Chase when we can

We’ve finished building the ride and we’re ready for testing. To put it simply, we think opening an attraction when it’s ready is the right thing to do for our Guests.

You’ll wait in line virtually

We’re especially excited to share that with our new inLine Reservation System, you’ll have visibility for the first time at Holiday World into wait times as well as you’ll get your time back. All you have to do is join the virtual queue and your phone will tell you when you can come back and enjoy the ride. This helps us make sure our queues don’t have too many people in them and helps us maintain social distancing.

With our new inLine system, you’ll visit a website (we’ll have the link ready on our free wi-fi) and pick which ride you want to get in line for. There’s no making reservations 30 days ahead of time and no line-skipping. People can’t get in line until they’ve entered the park. One perk? You may be able to get in line for The Voyage at the front of the park, then walk your way there in your time. We’re working out a system for people who don’t have smartphones (or whose smartphones lose battery quickly on a fun day at Holiday World).

If it helps, I like to picture one of Santa’s elves going ahead and hopping in line for me, then we trade places right before the ride while the elf enjoys a ride in the digital world.

We don’t expect you’ll need a face mask

We expect face masks to be optional in public in the state of Indiana by June 14th. We will follow the state’s guidance if this changes. Masks are considered a loose article on thrill rides, so our Attractions Team Members may ask you to take it off just for the ride. If you do choose to wear a mask, we thank you for your consideration of your fellow Guests and our Team Members.

Our Season Passholders get to enjoy the park first

Our Season Passholders are loyal and care deeply about Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari. To say thank you, we’re doing a staggered opening:

  • June 14: Platinum Season Passholders
  • June 15: Platinum Season Passholders and Season Passholders
  • June 16: Platinum Season Passholders, Season Passholders, and Summer Fun Card Passholders may visit
  • June 17: Open to those who have purchased tickets online

We’ve also added three operating days in August which brings you to a grand total of 82 operating days. We also plan to host a Season Passholder Cheetah Chase preview event.

We also know our Season Passholders will let us know what’s working and what isn’t and so we’re excited to greet them first, and have them help us improve.

Season Passholders may also defer their passes to 2021 free of charge in August of this year. We’ll reach out if we see you haven’t used your pass by August of 2020.

We’ll help you social distance

We’re going to have decals on the ground to help you stay six feet away from others when you’re standing in line. We’re going to be incredibly conservative about how many tickets we sell at first, and build once we’re comfortable, this way there should be plenty of space in the walkways. Our indoor dining restaurants (Santa’s Merry Marketplace and Plymouth Rock Cafe) will have limited indoor seating and changed procedures in addition to our distanced outdoor seating. We’re doing our best to make it easy for you. All you need to do is remember to stick to the decals and stay distanced from other groups.

There’s more to come

There’s a lot more we’re planning that won’t change your day significantly. For example, we’re adding automatic utensil dispensers to our Food & Beverage locations, and our cleaning and sanitation procedures will be happening much more frequently.

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